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Tracks Oschersleben 1.06

Oschersleben Motorsport Arena

  1. Mitja Bonca submitted a new resource:

    Oschersleben - Oschersleben motorsport arena

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  2. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium Member

    Oh yeah, love that track! H
  3. Does anyone have any issues of high cpu occupancy?
    I had some races with 20 AI and it was all fine. No wornings what so ever.
  4. Mitja Bonca updated Oschersleben with a new update entry:

    Oschersleben ver1.05

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  5. There is already a new build in making with some new kerbs and some small bonuses :)
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  6. @Mitja Bonca i was referring to the track mesh, in some the corners/sections where the track isnt just flat, i can feel uniform sawtooth like bumps (and visible on suspension of one of the f1 car mods)

    this normally happens because that section isnt high enough resolution mesh for AC physics engine as far as i understand, so doing some interpolation/smoothing on those parts is normally what is done to fix it i think (sorry cant be more specific as im no 3d modeler!
  7. Can you tell me exactly on which places/corners does this happen? Surely I'll chech, no worries.
  8. this section is the worst/most noticable:

    (track map on for reference as camera is backwards :p)

    watch the suspension on left of video/ sound and ffb also indicate the same. quite common with converted tracks but it can definitely be resolved
  9. Thx, will check that tomorrow.

    ps: track surface edited a bit, but now much, because there is a bit of an down and then uphill, but only just (in that last left hander). Now the transition of the road surface is smoother.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2014
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  10. Mitja Bonca updated Oschersleben with a new update entry:

    Oschersleben ver 1.06

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