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Ordered fanatec for f1

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Rob Carver, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Morning guys. I have recently ordered a csl seat, fanatec csr and pedals from the fanatec website- i felt that the time of racing on the X box with a mad catz wheel had to go.

    I'm just looking for everybody's thoughts on the csr and their experiences with the wheel.

    Have i chosen the right wheel? Should have i gone for the g25/g27 with the xcm f1 converter for xbox?

    I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance that i haven't blown nearly £500 of my hard earned cash
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  2. i got the csr wheel the best money i've spent to date.

    your b over the moon with it all just got to wait for it to turn up now
    that the hardest pill to to take bud lol

    let me know what u think when you've had a play
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  3. Funny you say that karl because i have just receieved an email to say it has been shipped. Hopefully not too long to wait :)

    I was thinking of joining some sort of league as i love competitve clean racing, nothing worse than playing with a grid full of dirty one lap drivers. Only problem is i probably wont be able to make half of the races due to work
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  4. its Sunday nites at 8 every 2 weeks so the next race is next weekend dude

    have a look at that link mate and sign up ;)
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