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Opening and closure (lock) of garage doors

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by vincentgtr2, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Hello has all,
    I am on my project with 40 garages in pits, I would like that garage doors, opens only according to the number of car which returns on the circuit, how to make thank you for your help.


  2. you need to name the corresponding doors Pdoor1 Pdoor2 etc its easier done by placing the doors then renameing them in 3dsimed
  3. OK

    thank you but which options look has the door so that it opens only when a car wants to occupy the pit

  4. the 01 bit at the back of Pdoor refers to the garage number
  5. it cant be done from with btb
  6. With 3DSimed ???
  7. in 3dsimed , right click the object you want to be the door and name it Pdoor** (* where there is a star insert numbers) this is the way i did it on my track , there is a better guide of racesimcentral but they have gone down again so that dosent help much , i can do a better guide if you need.
  8. Good idea to create a tutorial... many thanks in advance!
  9. okay ill get it done on the weekend , will probly be a video but ill do a txt version too
  10. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Theres somebody doing this for me too.

    It seems easier to get the doors opening generally, than it does to get them opening correctly lol

    At the minute, if you dont edit the AIW file, it opens garage doors at the other end of the pits, instead of where you are, so your pretty stuffed.

    A tut. sounds like a great idea, as its something i wouldn`t mind knowing how to do.
  11. HI! I have searched now for exactly this written here.
    It was great to find a tutorial! But the Thread is finished here.??
    Can some one give me a link for a tutorial like this please?
    I work with BTB and I put only the Garage doors from 7-36,
    the first 6 i dont place. The other I do to show only in practise, this is possible with BTB.
    I export the track for GTL and GTR2 it works fine in Simulator, not the best way but...
    Now if I load the track in 3d Simed for fixing some, and re exporting the track, this dont
    works no more in Simulator. I see the doors closed in all sections.??
    Sorry for my bad english, I hope understandable a little bit.
    Thanks if some one can help! Cheers Franky.