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Open source & uncompleted projects

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Ryan Callan, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. After some requests, this thread is to house and discuss unfinished projects that others would like to pass on and open up for others to complete or view their methodology.

    Ground Rules


    • Do not upload uncompleted projects to RaceDepartment. Use a fileshare site, preferably MegaUpload, MediaFire or FileFront.
    • When posting, link to the files and also to the WIP thread if applicable. If you do not have an active WIP thread, please create one.
    • State a rough percentage completion according to your opinion.
    • Make sure to include any important details, such as required XPacks etc. Give as much detail, succintly, as possible, to help the following person to pick up your project easily, such as the direction you felt your track was taking.
    • Projects may not go in the direction imagined, once finalised, however this is the risk you take when posting uncompleted ideas.


    • This is not a thread to discuss in detail methodology and problems, please use the WIP forum threads for this.
    • Most importantly, if you do end up releasing a track after completing, make sure you include all credits of the persons involved. Respect others work!
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  2. Zephyria Tholus Plateau - ALPHA -R.I.P

    Ive learnt so much in the last week, i simply cant continue with this.
    its oh i dunno, 70% ..
    no much terrain texture
    terrain in parts needs alot of cosmetic surgery
    not much variation to road texturing
    no surface deformations
    large central cavern at very early stage
    generally sparse track.. the only areas that are in some way complete is the public road (highway) section, and tunnels.

    Project now extremely sluggish to work with, giving btb errors often. (having to cycle though a 4 save file system) ... load at your own peril :)

    anyway heres a bad quality vid for you all to squint at
    its 17k, please forgive the sunday driving.

    rbr playable link:

    btb project link:
    waiting for simtrackpedia to come back online so i can grab rsouls Project backup batch file tool.

    WIP/Discussion link:

    thanks to racedept, and all its help
    thanks to zaxxon for the skybox and help
    thanks to martinez for the tons of help specificity related to this track
    thanks to everyone else that helped me along the way with this track and the things im learning now

    ukroad xapck for fences, bushes
    default pack - misc things

    most of the rest made in either photoshop or 3dsmax

    Zephyria Tholus, its been fun, rest in peace
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  3. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Can you upload the whole project folder? I'd like to have a look at putting it in rFactor. :)
  4. Eds Parramatta Park 1952 GP. Dry and Wet Circuits. 95% there...

    Hey guys...

    some of you might remember my BETA release of parramatta park. it went viral for a little while when i first let the BETA go, and got downloaded a couple of thousand times off my server! LOL.

    imho, this track had/has the potential to be the next 'Longford', both in terms of depth of texture, and immersion and play environment. the track is difficult and dangerous (yay for 1950's racing!) and a true pleasure to push a car around.

    I really just dont have the time to spend on this to get it finished! Id really really love to, but it just doesnt seem to get off the ground again. Based on feedback from some of the threads i read with people playing the BETA release, it really does deserve a good finish, and a formal release, so PLEASE HELP ME!!

    I can certainly give a hand in getting this finished, i have heaps of onsite images to help with any further textures, theres 2 building models that need to go in, and a general tidy up. or you can really get carried away with it! thats up to the inspirartion of those who pick up the torch!

    It really would be a shame not to see this get a final release, so here she is!

    Eds Parramatta Park, 1952 GP. with wet and dry circuits included.


    Original WIP thread here:

    heres some 3dsimed aerial views as it stands:



    and heres some in play screen shots...



    heres the latest playable Game BETA Release download location for rFactor:
    Unzip directly into rFactor 'Locations' folder

    and finally.... the BTB Project Folder... in its entirety
    Unzip directly into rFactor 'Locations' folder

    and heres the Textures folder:
    Unzip wherever you like

    and finally some vids...

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  5. The 2nd and 3rd links require a password. Now I don't want to get your hopes up so I'll say right now that I'm in no position to finish other people's tracks (not yet anyway), but I often look at other tracks to see how they were made. 3Dsimed is good but a BTB project is like seeing source code.
  6. fixed, sorry, i had linked the ftp addresses. ive now changed them to http adddresses. right click, save as.

    and i doubt youll see true technical inspiration in there! ive used almost exclusively with BTB and photoshop. so everything you see is simply what BTB can do. if there was a problem, i fudged it in BTB, as long as it looked right in the game. the magic comes from using good textures, and designing the surfaces right to put those textures on. i only ever used 3dsimed to change the shader values on some textures as the BTB shaders gave **** results in game

  7. Hi Ed one thing i would love to ask is if you ever do get it finished i would very love to convert this over to gtl the gtr2 and then the race serise. this track would be awesome in GTL :)
  8. This thread is not for disussions please. Keep it on topic - use the WIP threads as instructed.

  9. Sorry Ryan
  10. If anybody has a (fictional) track that at least the terrain and road has been finished on, but do not feel they have the time or desire to finish it, feel free to pass it along to me. However, do not pass me the BTB project as I do not use BTB, provide it in rFactor GMT files, as I use 3DSimEd mainly.

    I have lots of objects and textures I would like to use in a creative way :)
  11. Hi Ryan. Any particular reason why it must be fictional?
  12. No particular reason, but it's much easier to be creative and less need to be 100% accurate if fictional. Then you don't get the 'that must be there', 'this is wrong' etc. I don't have the absolute time for that :)
  13. You can have this if you like Ryan, http://3rdgearmotorsports.com/wordpress/?file_id=12 It's a replica of California Raceway from Project Torque, completely scratch built. Feel free to do as you wish.


    I have a few more of these, England and Circuit, I only have them in BTB format but my license expired and I can't be bugged renewing it. Cali is the only one I have in gmt. I did have the others in gmt at one stage but during a HDD clean out I deleted them. If your interested I will find a way to export them.

    Here is England

    and Circuit

    The videos show the tracks in game ^^
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  14. Cheers mianiak, will check it out, of the other two, Circuit seems to be the most appealing to me :). I could have a friend export it to GMT for me if you still have the BTB files.
  15. It's cool, I'll reactivate BTB and spit it out for you. I thought you'd like circuit :D
  16. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Pangaea, can you upload the BTB folder for Zephyria Tholus please? I want to put this in rFactor. :)
  17. I'm putting the canyon project in here, if someones interested of fiddling with it.. Maybe a bridge so there can be "national" layout.. Anyway it has a good example on how to do cliffaces easily using track and copy track tools. I really really like the twisty section, pretty have to slide thru corners with that drop on the right side not far from mind.. So unless someone likes to add more details, AIW etc i'll release this someday and it will then be very simple..

    Copy from original post:

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  18. Kennet, I DLed your file, very interesting stuff, sir. I like the technique you've used for the cliff "track", where it's made from one track, as opposed to it being formed by left and right track copies to make the left and right terrains. I also use track copies alot, I find it very useful and quick to knock up a decent(ish) looking circuit (especially as I am not able to go up a level to 3ds max). Great! :D

    EDIT: how is the FPS / performance of this technique for landscapes?
  19. I haven't noticed any changes but the canyon track is very simple anyway so it could be masking te problem. All thou i don't believe that there is any change what so ever, the game doesn't think in terms of "track" or ""terrain", it's all just polygons.
  20. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    This canyon track is excellent, I've sorted out AIW along with some pit garages.