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Mods Opel Manta 400 - Rothmans Opel Rally Team 1.0 (ZIP Version)

Rothmans skin for the Opel Manta 400

  1. Otto Wilson submitted a new resource:

    Opel Manta 400 - Rothmans Opel Rally Team - Rothmans skin for the Opel Manta 400

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  2. Rainmaker

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Please check the archive. I´ve downloaded it 3 times and it was always broken.
  3. I was able to decode by updating to the latest WINRAR 5.21.
  4. Just use the lastest version of Winrar
  5. Even 7zip is not opening the file. I think a plain old zip would be a much better option for everyone.
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  6. Fixing this, im uploading it as a zip now, in a few minutes the new file will be here

    Edit: It's online now, anyone who had this problem, please, download the new file :)
  7. Hi.
    Great skin. Will you be doing any more Manta skins like the Andrews Heat For Hire car
    or the AC Delco car.
  8. Not in the foreseeable future, i'm sorry, though i think someone already made these liveries you mentioned, i'm pretty sure i saw at least the Andrews HFH car somewhere, search a bit and you may find it :)
  9. Thanks will have a search.
  10. Hi .
    Had a good look but could not find any other Manta liveries. It would be fantastic
    if you were able at some time to do the Andrews HFH skin.

  11. Could you also pretty please change this generic one too be with DiRT Plates?