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Opaque / transparent textures DX3 dds in BTB are wrong: any advice?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by marcobost, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. As I wrote into the beta discussion, the beta version has a strange problem exporting into rFactor any texture made in dds DX3 and that contains transparent parts...

    1. make a wall
    2. change material using a texture with alfa channel
    3. export to rF
    4. see the "wall", where opaque objects are semi transparent!!

    Image compares BTB vs

    At the moment the solution I found is (it is a non-solution!!) to duplicate 4 times the wall (for a total of 5 walls exactly in the same position). In this way adding several transparencies creates an opaque texture where parts of image must be opaque.

    But if a DX3 dds texture is applied to an object or part of it, duplicating the object itself means to have an heavier file...

    If someone have found a better solution, please let me know the way, thank you!
  2. I have the same problem with the new Beta and a Tree wall...
  3. Maybe you should use DX1 for opaque and DX5 for alpha, I think I have never used DX3...
  4. Thanks for answering mates!
    As shown in previous sample the procedure is the same I used for several years using all previous version of BTB. Only this version (beta that I used since december 2009 (to test it on seven64) gives this problem. I always used DX3 that is "explicit alpha channel" and doesn't need to use a different alpha channel. I also tried to use the DX5 because we never can say... but the result is the same.

    To be more explicit, I did one more test:

    1. I made a wall using a texture saved in DX1
    2. I made another wall using the same texture, but adding the alpha channel in PS at 100% white (it as we know means NO transparency at all = 100% opaque) and saved it in DX3
    3. I made a XPack adding these two materials, the first one with TRANSPARENCY = NONE, the second one with TRANSPARENCY = USE ALPHA
    4. the result confirms this bug (at least on my pc / BTB version ???) because we have 2 walls, one opaque (right) and the second one transparency (wrong!!) instead of opaque (IT MUST BE OPAQUE BECAUSE OF THE TRANSPARENCY ON ALPHA CHANNEL AFFECTS ONLY "BLACK MASKS").

    By the way I also tried to compare gmt made by (right result) and the same one made by (wrong result) opening it by 3dSimEd but I'm not able to use it very well, so I saw them same each other...

    Here you can find screen shot, project, XPack and DDSs to check gmts etc... (@ ehrlec: the problem is not related to a specific fence / dds file, but it is general as you can see checking these files).
    Many thanks once again!

  5. Thank Ehrlec!
    So we have only to wait the new version of BTB, where I hope this problem will be fixed.
    As I wrote at the beginning of the discussion, in the meantime I found only one way to solve this issue... I know it isn't a good solution, but I have no other idea than duplicate 4 times the same wall for a total of 5 times so the opaque parts of the texture will be really opaque.
    Any other better solution (than this one) that I can apply (it means that must be easy to make and to be easly reproduced step by step?
    Once again many thanks in advance!
  6. Ehrlec, I found on my PC and old version of 3dSimEd, the 2.5a, but using both 2.5a and 2.14a I'm not able to see differences. In other words I'm not able to understand what I must do!
    If I go to "edit material" and go to read values into "material edit" box, for both walls (the one DX1 no alpha and the second one DX3 with alpha), I think to see the correct values and they both appear opaque into 3dSimEd as they could appear into rFactor... but we know that in rFactor the alpha one is wrong!
    Hope Brendon will revive in the closed future to give us the final new version working better, lol !!!
  7. ok, I'll do it and then report here. Thanks mate!
  8. many many thanks! At the moment this is a good solution to be performed at the end of the BTB project.
  9. The bug is still present into beta, so in the meantime I found the solution and it is very easy!

    Do not use "alpha" into venue material property, but use "chroma" This fixes the bug at the moment.
  10. I know ehrlec, but for a simple fence changing alpha to chroma is faster... and it works... This is a temporary solution waiting for being fixed by Brendon.
  11. Definitely a bug.
    Beta has a blending option to blend a background with a texture on any surface. If a blend material is used, the slider defines the blend. Unfortunately the 50% slider value is included even when a blend is not used and shows up in a bad transparent material. You end up with transparent on 100% opaque areas.

    Temporary solution.

    Add a blend to background, set background blend slider to left. Change back to T1 in 3dsimed.
  12. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    If you have any version of 3D sim ed, open the track and export the objects again. Than it's fixed.