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Only lap info on the screen. Possible?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Genci Estebanez, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Hi.

    I usually have the lap time info activated in the hud, but I'd like to have what lap I'm in that moment too. Just only that: the lap number, like when you can see the fps. So I wonder if there's any add on for this.

  2. Yes, you can use DynHUD, originally made for rFactor. (Search for rFDynHUD).
    It can display everything - map, fuel, tyres, lap times, race order, and if you really just want the lap number, then you can edit the screen and remove everything else and put the lap number where you want it.
  3. Oh thanks Keith. I'll try it. I'ts something I was looking for.

  4. No problem. I just thought of another one which might be easier to use.
    it's called XD, again originally for rfactor.
    Displays various info on the screen, but you can edit the config file to hide whatever you want and just leave the lap number if you want.
    If you are only using the lap number, XD may be a better choice as I think it uses much less power so it won't affect framerates.

    EDIT: in fact I just loaded it in to test it, and I think I will use it myself :)

    EDIT: actually, this one does not show the lap number on its own, but with other info as well, sorry, but worth a look anyway.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2013
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  5. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium Member

    XD is excellent, I use it in all the sims I can. A shame it won't work in AC :p
  6. It doesn´t matter if it shows some other info as long as it doesn´t take too much space on the screen. I'm going to download it and try.

    Thanks again
  7. Well, it works. Perfect. I just put the lap info at the upper left corner using x/y 50 settings.

  8. There is also a very easy to use android app that lets you customize the data you want to see directly on your phone. Is called "Dashmeter"
    if you have an iPhone or an iPad there are equivalent apps for it, albeit not as powerful (at least the last time I checked).

    Dashmenter allows me to keep the clutter on screen to a minimum and create up to 5 custom screens with just the data I need. I have one for general racing and then I customized the others so that fuel, lap times, etc. are really big and easy to see., It even does fuel calculation for you and "time left" if you set it up properly.
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  9. Last time we tried rFDynHUD doesn't work (yet?) with GSC '13. Does it work now?
    In the mean time we have tried GID and that works fine ..
  10. Yes rfDynHud does work ok. The exe patch fixed it, but ver 1.1 works ok without the patch.
  11. Thanks Keith. Will have to experiment then.

    How do you think GID compares to rFDynHUD?
  12. rFDynHUD doesn't work for me, couldn't open the editor, anyone come across this problem?
  13. Remember that you must have Java installed 32bit even on 64bit system.
  14. Yes, I have that installed I've tried running the .exe and the .jar in the editor folder, nothing seems to work.
  15. I have not seen that problem, does rfDynHud work? Or do both of them not work?
    Do you definitely have java 6 32 bit? It must be version 6.
  16. Any clues into getting XD to work in GSC2013 ...... tried copying it across from my rfactor install (where it works perfectly) but nothing in GSC. Is it something to do with the d3d9.dll file perhaps?

  17. If you have not already done:

    Rename the original file d3d9.dll (eg d3d9gsc.dll).
    Install the XD as in rFactor.
    Rename GSC.exe to rfactor.exe

    Warning: When using GSCSync subsequently will not find GSC.exe then discard the update of this file.
  18. PaulH

    Premium Member

    Thanks for this works perfectly now, just need to keep what I need now.....any idea how to customize it? I don't need the tyre temp icon