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Online slammers/trollers

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by DatDudePS4, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. I am experiencing this alot in Project Cars.. Anyone else?
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  2. Nope. I only race via Racedepartments club racing on here. No rammers, no slammers. You should try it.
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  3. I've experienced on every online PC racing game (even in iRacing to some extent) since GTR.
  4. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

  5. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    Yes. I only did 2-3 races before I gave up on MP and switched to SP... Fed up with it. I may join RD racing clubs when I have enough disposable income to move up to premium.
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  6. xnorb


    This is the reason why iRacing exists.

    From my few races in public AC lobbies:

    25% chance of having a rammer in the lobby
    25% chance of having an AFK car on the grid
    60% chance of people trying to divebomb you, overshooting the corner with 40km/h more than possible
    80% chance of pileup in turn 1
    2% chance of having a tight clean and enjoyable race

    It's sad really.

    Club races are nice, but they are late and there are only so few of them.
    Still worth it if you can make it to a few and are only used to random races, but not close to what iRacing offers (although if RD only had 1 sim, we'd see a higher frequency and bigger grids)
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  7. You can get decent races in public areas on all sorts of games.

    I have had some great races in the past on all sorts of public lobbies from F1 games to RACE 07 to Rfactor and even yes Grid games.

    I don't mind the rammers and stuff, it then gives you carte blanche to do it back in better style as most of them are hopeless at it, and there is nothing funnier than realising a bloke is trying to ram you and you know exactly what he is going to to and watch laughing your head off as he sails into a barrier or a gravel trap! Having races contact classes online before it is a fine art and rather satisfying!!

    The fact that you usually have to PAY to race free games online now, from sites that make a decent amount from advertising annoys me, but that is the price you pay.

    I detest league stuff, too many rules, too many shouty little Hitlers, too many aliens, some of the most fun I have had racing online is rocking up into a random lobby and finding like minded people. it doesn't happen very often, but when it does it is great fun.

    Sadly, I dont play many new games and usualy RF is empty and full of leagues now.
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  8. xnorb


    And that's where RD's Club Racing comes into play.

    Like minded people racing for fun and try their best to get a clean but exciting race.
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  9. Enjoy your life Rob. You sound as though you aren't really serious at sim racing anyway. :)
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  10. Given the OP's forum name, I'm assuming that video was on the PS4. It seems there are a lot more of those drivers there than the PC. It makes sense though given the larger number of purchases on the PS4 than the PC.

    At least on the PC, it seems the public wrecking has slowed down. Don't get me wrong, there is a ton of bad driving which causes accidents, but the purposeful wreckers seemed to have tired of the game and moved on for the most part.
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  11. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    In which case, I may have another go at some point...
  12. Believe me Mr Jackson

    The day I PAY to PLAY racing games is the day I stop playing them for goodness sake! Wouldn't dream of even consdering it. I did a few months of Iracing and that was as good as any racing game gets but its simply too expensive.

    I tried it many years ago, was like being in the army! do this, do that, dont do this dont so that. Its not for everyone and certainly not for me.

    We all have fun in different ways, some of the best races I have ever had were in public servers on games you would not believe, F1 games on the PS3, Meganes on Rfactor, Caterhams on Race07.
  13. Believe me Mr Every, as a non premium member you have not experienced club racing here. So no point having this discussion. Your choice, but the measly amount charged by this community for fair and great online racing is very very cheap. You wouldn't even notice it.
    Your choice though.
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  14. xnorb


    I'm also a "no subscription for a game ever" guy.
    Yet i still decided to go premium because if you don't lock racing behind a paywall it's basically just pure luck if you make it through turn 1. And then i'd have wasted a good chunk of my money on the purchase of the game because one big part of it is basically useless.

    I'm not willed paying 10-15$ per track/car and 13$ per month just to be able to get clean races,
    but the little RD asks for - i really don't mind that and it's so little for what you get.
    (Servers need to be set up and administrated, pre-race organization ...)
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  15. I'm a premium member and I've raced only once or twice here. Were there more U.S. racers, and the times were convenient (for me), I'd take advantage of the challenge of racing against folks that know how to race properly. I agree that racing on public servers "can" be a great experience, but it's hit and miss. I miss a lot. It bugs me to no end to qualify for 30 minutes, make it into the top 5-10 and get punted all over the place in the first turn. If I'm lucky enough to navigate the first turn relatively unscathed but drop a few places, catching the leaders is nigh impossible because the wingnutts will punt you when trying to pass them properly.
    Those with good pace are held back and blocked by people who refuse to let someone pass (multiple racing moves), therefore, again, making it almost impossible to make up positions. Anyway, I don't see it as paying to race, I see it as supporting the site. Most folks really don't understand how expensive a web presence such as this can be. And if profits are made (I hope they do) great, however, I doubt there is much. Most sites like these barely pull in enough to cover expenses. But to each their own. I don't frown upon anyone who decides otherwise.

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  16. I am assuming you are talking about PC when you mention Premium. But, PS4 and XboxOne already pay to play in the online multiplyer. PS4 is $50 a year. Xbox, I think a little more.
  17. Who does not know this? I was a "Live" subscriber since the beginning.
  18. xnorb


    It's not like you don't get "free" games with that ;)
    (And getting games like Journey or Payday really make it worth it - if Steam would offer a similar service , i'd already be a subscriber to that)

    But ya, "Premium" is obviously pointing towards RD Club Races :)
  19. I prefer to play in leagues and in organized groups as opposed to online multiplier. Yes, you do get the ocassional good group of players but for serious racing nothing beats organized events. Sorry for my comment above regarding pay multiplyer; I had not read the whole thread.
  20. Tried a couple of races last night. Too many "slammers". It was ridiculous.