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Online racing etiquette

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Rich Maskell, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. How is everybody finding their fellow drivers are behaving?
  2. Depends. I havnt had lots of time , but I am a licensed member now so I am looking foward to an professional race. Sometimes its okay , but most times you have lots of people just ramming you into the wall which is indeed quite sad.
  3. I'm hoping the idiots will

    a) get better at driving
    b) get bored of crashing

    because the online, especially sprint mode is full of people driving so awfully it's a wonder they are enjoying it.
  4. I actually pray to start last in a race cause then I let everyone take each other out of the start then pass them all. Starting around the front like 4th is an invitation to get put into a wall.
  5. Exactly. front row can be ok with sneaky Kerz.

    But 2nd to 10th in a 16 player race is a bit of a nightmare.
  6. I've adopted an "inside line at all cost, even if I'm so inside that I'm off the track so as to avoid any rammers" strategy.

    Haven't gotten to practice this yet as I've yet to join a QnR game with more than 3 players.

    I make pretty good starts though and sometimes you just get bunched up or bottlenecked where you don't wanna be. (often 3 or 4 wide in the asian tracks) In this condition I understand some contact, but trying to brake for a 1st corner past the 50M mark is just not going to work for anyone, I don't understand why people do it TBH.
  7. I like your idea about the inside line. I also read a suggestion that creating a room with minimum rank 4 or 5 entry requirements cuts out most of the idiots....although you need to rank up first.

    On your last point.....Because they are idiots, plain and simple.
  8. Nice one for the inside line. Anyway, with KERS it's sometimes really easy to create a gap with the rammers and to do the first turn in the right way (many of them barely know how to use KERS, perhaps :D). When I feel unsafe, I let everybody pass before the first turn, and then take advantage of the crashes and incidents to regain the position.

    That said, filtering the game to minimum rank 5 or 6 is a great thing, now, since all the idiots out there have low experience points and, therefore, don't rise too much in the ranking.
  9. I just tried my first online session. The field seemed to split into 3 pretty even groups right away: Rammers at the back, a midfield made up of drivers who at least seemed to be trying to race cleanly and then two or three guys at the front way ahead of the rest of us.
  10. Is just a nightmare. I´m not a pro drive but at least I try to finish my races and learn more on each one. But those who enter just for crashing... OMG hate them...

    Also been in first row is hard, cause in he first turn the one in your back doesn´t brake on time...
  11. I generally find good-natured racers.

    Still, nothing worse when YOU get hit slammed into and hit someone else and not only get dinged for 5 XP, but a nasty, ill-pointed message for behavior you had nothing to do with.

    So my message to the over-reactionary angry drivers....unless someone's behavior is obvious (ie, not an isolated incident), consider it may not have been their fault. It's happened to me twice in 20+ races.
  12. I actually prefer an OUTSIDE line on the corners. Why? Because 9/10 cars will over shoot the apex anyway, making a very easy pass on the inside. Has worked wonders for me. I went 17 races without winning, now I've won 3 out the last 4, simply by being patient in this respect.
  13. Online mode so overrated

    Glad this has been mentioned. Online is crap. It's like playing touring cars!! everyone hits each other off, people just leave the race and destroy their cars when they are not having a good race. It's only fun when people actually race properly I see people hitting each other off in qualy. I'll just stick to career mode unless people take the game seriously online.
  14. online is a nightmare with the rammers. started on pole at monza today and got ramed at turn 1 when i broke at my normal braking zone, which is about 100-125 meters before the corner. then lap two get in the slpistream pull out and get smashed in the pit wall. im gonna stick to racing on rd
  15. yea unfortunately the only fun I've had online is with other members of RD or other sites that promote clean racing. it's made it hard to get a friends list up for sure since maybe only 1 out of 5 people online is actually clean ish.

    plus the fact that i only get about 10 servers on line and all of them are racing already.
  16. Sprint mode....eh. Varies with who you are playing. I was actually racing and got through the smash up intact and later when I went to pass the #2 guy, I went around to pass, leaving 5-6 feet between the cars, the guy intentionally jerks right as I am next to him, to put me into the wall. Car totaled.

    GP mode....almost no problems, and lots of good folks to race with has been my experience so far.
  17. Much to my surprise I see alot of clean racers in the 20% and up races. In 2010 there used to be alot of rammers, brake checking, people driving into you etc. In 2011 I've only been hit once or twice in the first corner. Overtaking is usually quite clean: either you're driving against a good/decent driver and they know when they're beat, or you're driving against a bad one and they mess up, which makes for easy overtakes. Only problem I've had is people realising too late that I'm already next to them, they drive into me because they think they can still block me and thus push me off the track.

    All bets are off in sprint mode though. I'd rather start at the back of the grid than in front because you're almost guaranteed people will miss their braking points (intentionally or not) and they'll never let you pass again.
  18. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I simply stick to the RD club or League races plus any ad-hoc races with guys I already know from those events. That way I know I am guaranteed a clean race. My last sprint race (F1 2010) was at Montreal and I had a whole lap of trying to get past a guy who whenever I got up alongside him would swerve across into me trying to put me into the wall!! I eventually made it past by making sure no-one was behind, making a move as though to go past him on the outside approaching the hairpin, hitting the brakes and watching him swerve left right into the wall... I couldn't find the button to press to give him the finger as I gently made my way past him after this.
  19. when i got my coppy seemed that only racers nline were the rammers as there was only sprint races i wasnt happy as i consider myself a good driver and would never dream of intentionally hitting anyone not even the ai ( as tempting as it has been ) would love to get back to online racing as the ai is poor in career, and even on pro i can beat them and have heard legendary is even worse
  20. Are you pc/360/ps3? if PC my gfwl is TheRealJohnRob so add it up and we'll race clean. sprints are retarded. I was in a 16 person sprint lobby the other day, 3 people THREE crashed out in turn 1 and promptly left, 3 or 4 more people were lagging so bad I couldn't tell where they were on the track, just kinda hoped I didn't hit them as I passed. the top runners were obviously running 11-11 set ups or cutting major corners and posting un real lap times.

    So by the time I finished in mid pack there was 1 more person around me (about 1.5 seconds ahead and we were setting close to the same pace)