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Old F1 cars

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by seamount, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Hi all, I read anywhere how good is this game.
    Maybe you can help me: I am an offline player and i love old F1 cars (70's above all).
    I still use rfactor1 because it has so many good mods of those years, but since I read Rfactor2 AI is much better & physics too, I would try it, but:
    are there "historical" 70's F1 mods ? i am looking for "historical" mods where each car has the historical skin that car had in that year, and where the 1978 lotus is faster then other 1978 cars, or 1973 jackie stewart tyrrell is faster than pescarolo march etc.
    so, in the official ISI content or with mods, can i find something like that ?
  2. Not yet for '70s. Closest you can come to that experience is the '69 F5000 high wing cars. Or the early '90s F1.
  3. thank you for your answer; so for the '90s F1 we have "historical" performing cars and circuits ?
  4. LOL, you only asked about cars! Circuits, not so much yet, though Carrera is reworking his '88 circuits for release (not conversion, but a total rework!).

    Frankly, if you want '70s F1, then AMS is the game to buy. The represented cars are unfortunately same performance and there's a not a whole season of tracks, but it's the one with the most to offer at this time.
  5. Circuits:
    No. Outside of Longford and the 3 ISI tracks, we have limited conversions from previous games. They look better/more fitting in the originals.

    No. There is one person developing 1976 cars but currently there are only 3D models in development (looking great), and one group with 80s-90s scattered F1 cars, and a 1992 season and that's ASR Formula (you can check their site). Their individual cars are very detailed and high resolution, but they are still improving the gameplay and audio aspect. You can try for yourself and see if it's something that is already good enough for you.

    Your true best bet for availability has got to be F1 Challenge 99-02 or rFactor (1) which received a lot of conversions from the other games, plus the 1979 mod built for it. Then, Grand Prix 4. You must understand that a quality package is extremely difficult to find and especially given the time, the best match will likely be 1979 for rF1, or 1988 by carrera4 for it as well. He also developed a track pack. A lot of rFactor content was ported from GP4.

    There are other seasons available (1970s mashup, 1990-1994) but you'll have to try them for yourself if you find them acceptable. There is also a 1982 Brabham worth driving.
  6. thank you for your answer ... waiting and hoping, for the moment I will stay on the old but still great rF1, not best gfx, not best physics but still many wonderful F1 mods ...