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Mods Ogier Monte-Carlo 2016 1.2

Livery of Sébastien Ogier

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  1. WIP 1.1
  2. WIP 1.1
  3. Possible to make Latvalas version to? :)
  4. Sébastien, thank you for your work, it's just sad that your skins are not HD (4K or 8K)
    I play with graphics high and I can see some pixels on the car.
  5. It'll be for the Swedish round......
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  6. Unfortunately,I modify only the file of the game with "paint.net ".I don't have software and the knowledge to make liveries High resolutions.
    Do you have the same problem with the livery of #UD#?
  7. ok I understand.
    I already have the skins of #UD#, no pixels, they are perfect because 8K