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Official DRS Thread

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Rich Maskell, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Apologies if psoted before, but I'd liek to start a new thread now the game is out.

    When is best to use DRS? I can't see much benefit.

    KERS is great, especially pulling out of a slow corner. But DRS?

    Advice please.

  2. I havant got the game but if its anything like real life >

    Practice and Quali - Use everytime you hit a straight.

    Race - Just use it when you get into the activation zone if you was within a second of the car infront at the detection point.
  3. I'm using KERS when I'm going out of a corner. And DRS right away as i see a straight line front of me.The acceleration of the car is very noticeable. Montreal- Melbourne Tracks are good choice to learn how to use both :cool:.
  4. Like I see in real F1, in race the DRS can be used only on one straight line from the circuit, knows as the "DRS Zone". If I'm not wrong, only on Monza we can use it on two zones.

    I've played only Melbourne, practice and qually, and I've seen some improvements when DRS is active. But you have to be careful. If you activate the DRS too quickly (let's say in a curve) you will loose the grip and you will spin. In practice and qually the DRS can be used on any straight line without restrictions.
  5. Is DRS used in the same circumstances as KERS though?

    Or is it best to use when just behind a car? infront of a car? etc

    Thanks for replies.
  6. There was a recent interview with a driver on the BBC about what they both mean. I can't remember who it was at the moment as I have to watch races after being up for a very long time (night shift work), but the real drivers use KERS for acceleration and DRS is for top speed. So the first moments exiting a corner is the best time for KERS and on straights is the best time to use the DRS.
  7. Nope.You can use KERS basically anywhere.But using DRS on curves and in some case parabolic-as will make you spin out for sure.
  8. The DRS can be used at any time in practice and qualifying (unless a driver is on wet-weather tyres), but during the race can only be activated when a driver is less than one second behind another car at pre-determined points on the track. The system is then deactivated once the driver brakes. In combination with KERS, it is designed to boost overtaking. Also like KERS, it isn't compulsory.
  9. DRS i only use on Straight, it isn't worth deploying on very fast corners because if you push that car jsut a tiny bit over the top you will spin straight off and ruin your chances of a podium or a good position, i learnt from this yesterday when i tested this to the limit at Kuala Lumpur.

    KERS i only use at the start of each Race and on Some Slow Corner's... i always save allittle for the last corner, just incase you may mess it up.
  10. The start? You don't mean the grid? How does that work? surely it would only work on the front row?
  11. As you may well know, DRS drops the rear wing so there is less aerodynamic drag. In essence this means that the car will be quicker through the air. Therefore... take full advantage of the DRS as much as you possibly can on straights when its active, but not around corners unless your very brave hehe. Just be carefull when activating the DRS out of corners as the rear end will go light.. as people have stated.
  12. I have found using DRS & KERS in qualy & practise can make about 5 secs per lap difference. A little tricky getting used to it, & you need to watch your braking points when doing so.

    I havent figured out where you can use DRS in the race as I dont know the activation zones, & in cockpit view I havent noticed anything that shows you when you can use it.

    Scott, you really should use all of your KERS each lap...
  13. In races ther is a line on track where detection zone is. If you are inside 1 second of driver in front of you when you pass activation point there will be green led on your wheel signaling you DRS is available. When you activate DRS that same led will be flashing.
  14. Thanks for this. A screenie would be helpful. cheers.
  15. The best advice I can give you is to look at onboard videos on formula1 official website, they display speed/gear/DRS/KERS and it's good to learn what gear goes with which corner. You would be surprised how much they use DRS and where/when, only saw onboard from Melbourne (Vettel) but I learned so much already.

    Obviously the DRS in those videos are only useful for qualifying, I also have troubles to see where the lines are as I race in cockpit view, I know you can only use DRS during the race on the pit straight in Melbourne, don't know where the "1 second line" is though.
  16. If i'm not wrong, the white line is just before the pit straight, in the end of the corner, in fact it's really bad to see it in the cockpit camera.
  17. Any idea where the detection line is?

    Hopefully some mod will come out that shows this on the minimap or whatever, CM gave us a 1, 2 and 3 indicating the sectors, but I don't think there are any lines that indicate DRS detection/use?
    Like a lot of people said, very hard to see in cockpit view.
  18. i was playing as button in monza race today and I cound never get drs to enable for me even though the RE told me it was now enabled. I also watched an instant replay of me crashing into alonso and his helmet wasnt there. this game is a real joke to me right now. hopefully a patch will sort the low fps,and these other issues.
  19. I know it's hard to see the DRS line while in cockpit, but there's a little audible beep when DRS is available.
  20. I use the DRS when ever i come into a straight line. But using it in the sweeping corners is tough, I dont know if people driving with a wheel can manage it or not. I use keyboard and i have to close my wing or else ill be in the kitty litter.. KERS basically depends from one person to another.. during quali its up to you, you can use it whenever you want. During the race i use for defense (if im not in the DRS zone and the guy behind me is) or vice-versa..