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WIP Oakland Park [WIP]

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Scott Vincent, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Hey guys this is my second track that I am making, I really enjoy making tracks even though they take years to make lol.
    I use 'BTB' which is a brilliant piece of software this makes making tracks so much easier!
    Thank You 'Brendon Pywell'!
    Here is my second fictional track (Im not sure that I am ready to make a real track yet). It is called Oakland Park. Here are a few screen shots of what I have created at the moment. I plan the track to be a series of different type of circuits. First sector is twisty with 2 90 degree right handers and a chicane. Second sector is a long uphill surrounded by trees (Something similar to 'Monza'. this section is all flat out so will be a good overtaking area. Third sector will be a downhill straight with a twisty section at the coming round the the beginning again. I hope this track will be as exciting as I see it to be, and will try my dam hardest to make it interesting for all of you.
    Hope to see you support later as the track starts to build up, and look more realistic.




    Scott. :)
  2. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    Looks nice, only the corners could have a bit higher polycount.
    Even on the small image you see them being shoppy.
  3. Hey thank you for that point Richard, I will see what I can do to improve the quality of this corner.
    Thanks Scott. :)
  4. May i suggest a 1 or 2m panel length in that 90 degree corner. The inside gets a bit crowded with tris but the outside will be a lot smoother.

    Otherwise it is looking good. Maybe a bit texture editing is needed, the BTB default textures are generally overused.
  5. Hey,
    Thank you for the feedback, I will try to edit the first corner once again to improve the look, and easiness of online races coming into the first corner. I will try to increase the corner size, so that the corner is less abrupt and tight. This will also make more poly count.

    Here is what I have changed. If you look to the first image at the top, to what it looks like now, I feel that it has improved, and the first corner looks better. I changed a couple of the materials around the corner to make it wider, and easier for car to get around the first corner in one piece.
    Hope you agree,
    Scott :)
  6. Much better, you can still decrease panel lengths for the most tighest part of it. Sometimes you have to use short sections with 0,5m panel lengths.
  7. Hey everyone,
    Just a quick update on how the track is getting along. I have starting building on the Start/Finish straight by adding grandstands, and filling out the pit area with objects such as trucks, buildings and tents.
    (The hills in the background will have trees surrounding the track, although I will do this last as this will slow down the load time of the program.)


    Scott :)
  8. Familiar buildings, nice to see them in use.. I have to hurry up Cicada now to release them first.

    BTW, i have nice cube-maps made for them. If you get someone to map them out for you in 3DSimed i'll gladly give out the textures. They all look so much better with reflections in the glasses.
  9. Hi,
    I just noticed who you are now lol.
    Didn't know at first that you was the guy making the Cicada track lol, just to say it looks great by the way!

    I don't know anyone who has 3DSimed, and to be honest I think the blue tinge in the windows are fine. I know textures are a great effect, although this being only my 2nd track I don't thin I am that far to make the track look amazing with textures. My first track basically didn't have any textures because I didn't know how to use BTB. Now I know a lot more than what I did, and my work has improved a lot.
    Here is my first track, if you look at the video or images you can see it is very basic.
    [First Track]
    By the way can you tell me why in game some of the objects are inverted such as; the coach, ambulance, lorries, Marshals Jeep car... I do not know what is causing this to happen, and how can i solve this problem?
    Here is an image in BTB:

    Here is an image in the game:
    Scott :)
  10. Thank. Those objects are faulty, they have faces inside out. What should be invisible, is visible and vice versa.
  11. Ah ok thank you for your help, I will replace them with something else in my XPacks. :)
    Thanks again,
  12. You don't have to remove them. The quick and dirty solution is to go edit the venue materials ([​IMG]) and select the coach material. The tree on the left will be sorted by XPack, and you can use 'Hide Unused' to narrow things down. Select the 'Double-sided' property and then OK.

    And while I'm here, I may as well link to my 'smooth corners' tutorial:
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  13. Hi i did look in here before I removed them, although I didn't want to change any settings in case the track messed up. I did see this setting although now I will use it. Thank you so much!
    I found your tutorial before and I have learnt a lot of this on here. I haven't uploaded new screen shots of the smooth corners yet, although I have already done them.
    Thank you for your help, and I will be uploading screen shots of the track soon.
    Scott :)
  14. An update on the track. I have used this tool on most of my corners now, this has really helped to make the track look much more realistic, and better looking. Thank you R Soul!
    Here are a couple of screen shots showing you what I have added to the track. This is mostly objects such as crowds, trucks, speakers and bridges.

    Here is a screen shot showing you the improvement of the corners look like. This corner is the 3rd-4th corner (chicane). I used 1 meter to make it his smooth. The following images are screen shots of the objects, and general building of the track.


    Scott :)
  15. Hey everyone,
    I haven't posted for a while because I have been busy doing other things, although started to continue the rest of the track terrain. I feel I have done a lot today, because this track building takes ages! lol.

    here are some print screens showing you want I have created. I find that it is easier to place down all the objects as I go along. This is because I have ideas of what would look good to go there and I forget them by the time I come back to that area lol.

    This image is the track continued for under the Dunlop bridge.

    This is where the track splits given you two options to race on. The short version or long version. This will be the National or International track layouts.


    Hope you like the progress so far.
    Scott :)
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  16. This is looking very good so far, keep it up! :)
  17. Nice one mate this look again better that Teal Park and Olive Green ;)
  18. Thank you everyone!!! :D
    Hopefully I will do quite a bit more again today. I'm hoping to finish off the top of the hill and the start of the downhill section.
    Scott :)
  19. Doing things in sections is a good idea. Finish couple of corners, test and plan the next set of turns... I find it very useful, like you said, it gives you a chance to see it all and then you know what needs to be where and more importantly, why. Everythings looking good so far. Next: expect the project to slow down a lot. The first phases are quick and satisfying, the last bit takes the longest, has the least effect and is boring: fixing individual faces, moving objects tiny amounts at a time, editing textures, mipmap bias adjustments, shader maps, AIW (that is slooooow and takes huge amounts of testing with every car class you can find)..
  20. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    If you want i can send you my higher res dunlop bridge or it's texture.
    Was also used in my Le Mans 2004 version