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Nvidia inspector or ctl panel settings

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Jake Adams, May 13, 2014.

  1. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    does the inspector work with AC? Ive tried different things with it and it doesnt have any effect.
    if it does how do you work it?
  2. Inspector and CTL Panel are working together and parallel.
    If you change something in the CTL panel, it will change the parameter in Inspector, and vice versa
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  3. Best way to think of it is that Nvidia Inspector allows you to change some advanced settings that the Control Panel will not allow access to. As stated above by Cedric, if you make a change in one, it changes the settings in both. The only time it won't update a change is if you have the Control Panel open and you try to make a change in Nvidia Inspector, it won't make the change until the Control Panel is closed so you must close the Control Panel before you make a change in Nvidia Inspector.
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  4. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    Yeah I know how they work together, but my question is does it have any affect on AC? I use 4 multi and 4 super and there are jaggies just as if I have nothing on. And if I have inspector set to app controlled and use 8 aa in game it works. So to me inspector has no affect.
    Thanks for the replies
  5. You have acs.exe and showroom.exe added to the inspector profile?
  6. I don't use it with AC - it made little visual improvement to the game and reduced the FPS too much. The last couple of builds have improved the visuals quite a bit and I find running the game with the 16x/8x settings works quite well now.
  7. Nvidia Inspector absolutely works with AC. The problem is not with Nvidia but with the fact that traditional MSAA alone isn't 100% effective on AC. The only want to clear up all of the aliasing is to use 4xMSAA and 4xSGSSA together which you can only force through Nvidia Inspector. It will almost completely eliminate all aliasing and moire patterns but at a heavy framerate cost.
    Last edited: May 13, 2014
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  8. The default Assetto Corsa profile in Nvidia Inpsector already points to the acs.exe which is the game itself but AC is weird in that it uses a seperate .exe for the showroom module so if you want to force Nvidia Inspector settings in the showroom too, you have to create an additional profile in Nvidia Inspector and point it to the showroom.exe in the game directory.

    I know this is what you meant, but I was just clarifying.
  9. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    @Paul, yeah tried them all.
  10. I didnt want to assume anything so figured it might have been a from scratch profile.

    I can defo vouch for 4x sparse grid super sampling stylee via inspector. And you will definitely see the difference if you get it working, both in quality and some frame loss - but worth the cost.

    Another handy Inspector tweak which you might be able to do elsewhere is also to reduce pre rendered frames down to minimum, which is 1 i think.

    Good luck with it.
  11. You have probably tested already so i might be wrong :) but you can add more than 1 .exe to an Inspector profile with the green +.
    I have acs and showroom added to a single tweaked profile. In fact i think the default profile has them both.
  12. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    I think I have it now thanks guys. Noticed frame drop with stuff added to inspector.
    But best result for me is no inspector and 8aa and 8 af in game. And thanks for the pre rendered frames to 1 that helped a lot.
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  13. No, you may be right and I honestly didn't know that. ;)
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  14. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne

    As this topic had its last update over one year ago i wonder if someone can post his Nvidia inspector settings, which perhaps improve the overall quality ingame. I have a EVGA GTX 980 since about a month and already found some nice settings for Game Stock Car Extreme, but none for Assetto Corsa.
  15. I can just agree that it's defo worth it - for me anyway - turned SGSS off for a while but had to turn it back on since it seems i'm getting more and more sensitive to jaggies the older I get... ;)

    The FPS cost is high though, on my card i would say it eats 30-40 FPS depending on track.
  16. I don't notice much of a difference visually unless I run 8xMSAA + 8XSGSSAA but it really eats up the framerates.
  17. rocafella1978


    has anyone done the "nvidia control panel" and "nvidia profile inspector" to see impact or if it makes any difference? especially for systems which can push pixels?