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Notepad++ shader file (.shd) language

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by JapsR, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Hi all!

    Since I work with these shader files (almost) on a daily basis, and use a nifty little program called Notepad++ to edit them, I thought it was about time to make some things easier for myself. So I created a language for Notepad++ enabling auto-completion for the functions I use most, enabling me to work faster and give me information about certain functions I don't use quite that often.
    But what is the point in creating something useful and then keep it to yourself? So here it is (http://www.jasperkortfolio.nl/notepad-v6-2-2-racer-shd-language/)!
    I only just created this a couple of days ago and am still getting feedback from colleagues (and hopefully from you too) and I will do my best to implement the feedback if I can (and if possible).

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  2. Thanks I use notepad++ for the car.ini and the car.shd in Racer so this might help just that little bit more. I'll make sure to give it a whirl and give feedback.
  3. Once you use it, you can't do without anymore!
  4. Just a quick update; I have added some missing functions (can't believe I forgot to add "compression") and some info in the instructions.
  5. Works great, thanks !

    Was wondering, if you could do the same with all functions & types when rsx scripting...it would make life so much easier !
  6. Hi QCM! You're very welcome.

    I'm pretty sure it's possible (if it doesn't exist already). Thing is, I was planning on doing some scripting for Racer soon (I do miss programming sometimes), meaning I haven't actually looked into it yet. Unfortunately I haven't got a lot of time the next couple of weeks, so might take a while.
    If you're using a lot of variables you declared yourself, it might be worth trying the "Word Completion" instead of "Function Completion" in your preferences. This would automatically Auto-Complete every word you've typed before in the same file. You just don't get Auto-Completion from predefined words/functions anymore. Shame there is no way of having both options enabled at the same time.. (please correct me if I'm wrong, would love to have them both enabled). Maybe using a program like Visual Studio might be the best option, but I'd have to look into that as well. I'll let you know if I find anything!

  7. I'll have to try this out, but generally for shaders I'm doing more copy/paste for now. It's very rare I get the shader settings perfect until I get in Racer and use the 'reload shaders' function a lot when balancing values etc :D

    Any tool to speed up a part of the workflow is appreciated though! Thanks!

    As per RSX stuff QCM, it'd be good to see but I think Ruud is moving away from RSX and towards Onyx more and more... I hope he at least finishes it up more soon and then we can forget RSX altogether and use Onyx exclusively.

    Might be worth starting one for Onyx as right now it's the language that is gonna stick around :D