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Not sure if this has been posted here before - but looks very nice!

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by AndyMD, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Think its a bike game running?

    Can't get the video to show! It shows in preview but not when posted :(
  2. Why do you think it's a bike? The sound is wrong, the screen doesn't tilt at all, and there's a rear view mirror.

    The thing he's sitting in is simulating acceleration by tilting him around, it isn't related to the position of the driver in the vehicle.
  3. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    According to the post it is a motorcycle. If you watch how he is pitched in turns it is designed to give the feeling of the g-force that is being put on the body in the turn, he takes a left and the seat leans to the right to give the feeling of making the turn with force pushing him the other way. Systems like that are very interesting, but will be very pricey to say the least. That rig will probably sell for around 10k US or more.
  4. I noticed the title after I posted, but still can't see how it could be a motorcycle.

    Yes, it affects the inner ear, the body senses acceleration the same as tilting.
  5. i newer seen bikes in lfs...

    thats a car and what the platform does is simulating the g-forces, i was driving one of these moving f1 simulators yesterday it was amazing!