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Not possible to run the exe, no error messages?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by vonklaghamn, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Hi!
    It´s not possible to run the setup exe for game in DVD. ( ihave a original version of the game)
    When "launched"(exe)from dvd, and the option "install" is pressed, there is no response from game at all. No errormessages nothing.
    I´w also tried to run the game in compatibility mode, admin etc, same thing. Nothing happnes. The registy is also cleaned out, i hope!? Well i´ve tried and i can´t find any traces left of the game.
    All other games does run on my computer.
    My computer runs Win 7 64 bit. Nvidia GT 240, 1 gb, card.
    I have old xp-backup copies (both 32 and 64 bit) on a external harddrive for the game. When those backups are copied over to my computer the game runs.
    I really what to install a clean version of the game, fore the RSRBR2010 mod.
    Can´t find any help on the internet or homepages like (http://www.richardburnsrally.com/support.htm) that can solve this problem.
    I ´ve also tried another non damaged original game with no results, and my friend have installed the game from my dvd.
    Hope somebody can help me?
  2. Have you tried to launch setup.exe (or similarly named file) directly from the DVD, bypassing the launcher? Won't hurt to run it from an administrator account/with admin privileges.
  3. Thx for quick reply.
    Yes, i´ve tried those things too + with a iso-version with deamon just to check my dvd-rom driver. Same thing, nothing happens?
  4. Thats a really strange one, do you have a virus scanner or something that would be blocking the exe from running?
  5. I´ve checked that to.
    Yes really strange! ???
  6. How much do you know about using the command line? I would try running setup.exe from the command line and seeing if it throws back any errors.
  7. Not much. Grateful for instructions on that.
  8. 1) Go to Start -> All Progams -> Accessories
    2) Right click "Command Prompt" and select "Run as Administrator" (if you have UAC on click Yes on the prompt)
    3) Navigate to the DVD drive (ex: if your DVD drive is D:, enter "D:" in the command line and hit enter)
    4) Run setup.exe by typing "setup.exe" in the command line

    Might not help, but worth testing.
  9. Thx for instruction.
    Only thing that happens is that the dvdrom drive starts to spin.
    No errormessages, nothing! :) Realy strange.
    Could it be something missing in the registry?
  10. I was half expecting that :) What happens if you try copying all the files from the DVD to a folder on your hard drive?

    The only other thing I can think of is to try a different DVD drive. You could also find the .iso on the internet and extract it, or mount it directly.
  11. Thx but i have already tried installing the game with another drive and the iso, with deamon. Nothing happens.
    I´ve copied all the files from the dvd to a folder. All the files are in a folder occupying space, but Nothing happens?
  12. Is the iso made from your DVD or does it come from a different source? Wouldn't hurt to try and download an alternative copy, just to be sure it's not a corrupt DVD case.
  13. It´s from a diffrent source. But a strange this is that the "ProductGUID" in the "setup.ini" files in both dvds are identical? isn´t that number sequence suppose to be unique?
    Can´t find this "ProductGUID" in the registry.
  14. I solved it!

    Did uninstall a progam called Tuneup utilies (or downup in this case :)). This program was probably blocking the exe for this game somehow?
    Now i will download all the mods for the game.
    Thx for your advices.
  15. Great news, and maybe your diagnosis will help others too. :thumb:

    Now we would love to see you join us in the Rally Club soon for some fun on-line Rally action. :wink:
  16. Great news indeed. Hope this thread can be useful purpose helping others trying to install and play this marvelous game.
    Would be great to join the rally club. Just have to install all the mods etc.