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Norwegian Rally Championship Round 5 (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Daniel Tonsberg, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Hola!

    I just got back from round 5 of the Norwegian Rally Championship here on the east side of Norway(Aurskog Høland).
    Anders Grøndal (Huge Norwegian talent without WRC sponsors) in his Subaru Impresa WRC 04 S10 won this round ahead of WRC driver Mads Østberg driving his S2000 Ford Focus and Eivind Brynildsen (S2000 Driver) Driving an old Mitsubishi Evo.

    Mads had som problems ahead of this round with his co driver ending up sick right before the race and engine trouble. Halfway through on the first service Mads was on a 9th place but pushed his way up again only to be 57sec behind Grøndal.

    Anyhow, here is some pictures from today.
    Mostly cockpit and service pictures + one turn in SS10 (Hard to move about in a rally :p )

    All pictures can be found here; www.xull-foto.com
    Im just going to post a few in this thread.


    And to finish it off, my favorite rally car of all time the Ford Escort mk2

    If you like the pictures, check out the Flickr account and post comments
    (its a bunch of cool cockpit pictures there if you need inspiration for your simrig) =D

    Could an admin move this topic if I placed it wrong :S ? didn't really know where to put it.


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  2. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
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    Jeg liker! :D

    Me likey!

    Rally nice pictures, keep'em coming! :)
  3. Yay Volvo, one of my favourite cars :D

    Nice photos :good:

    EDIT: clicked on the link, "You must be signed in to see this content."
  4. Thanks ^^ its alot of Volvo's racing here in Norway.

    *Working on URL fix (flickr problem)*