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North American Start Times

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Aaron DeMarre, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. For North American drivers, three questions:

    1) What is your ideal start time for RD rallies?

    2) Do the current start times make it so you cannot participate?

    3) If you do not currently participate in the RD rallies, what would have to be changed to allow you to participate?

    Just a follow-up on Rick's request for start time feedback, and trying to see if a change in start times can make rally more attractive for NA drivers. Also, while there is a lack of NA drivers in general in the RBR community, in my time at RD I have noticed many US drivers that do find us here do not tend to stick around (and where the hell are all the Canadians hiding?) and I am curious as to why.
  2. 1) 8pm Pacific (0300 GMT)

    2) No

    3) N/A
  3. Good idea Aaron, I look forward to hearing from more yanks;)
  4. BTW, I have included this line in every Club Rally for the past year, with almost no requests. :confused::confused::confused:

    "Additional timezone Rallys may be created on request.
    If the USA Session drivers prefer a different Start time, please let us know, we can be flexible to suit."

    Maybe people haven't seen it. :confused:
  5. I sent a PM to some US guys that I know are active, if you guys see anyone else, point em to this thread!
  6. Sorry 'bout that, saw this last week and promptly forgot about it.

    1. Current times are fine for the time being, though the RDRC events end after midnight for me and gets a bit tight with 8am class the next morning. Ideally since my job starts back up in a few weeks I'd love to see the start time bumped up an hour for both RDRC and Club events (2:00 GMT instead of 3:00 GMT), but if the times stay how they are I'll still run in at least a bunch of them.

    2. At the moment, not at all. In about a month depending on work loads I may have to miss a few, not a big deal.
  7. 1) Warren is nice enough to accomodate me on Rally club, but for RD I'd prefer 4:30am central standard time

    2) yes

    3) The time they take place