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North American evening drivers looking for an event

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jarrod Keen, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. For those North American drivers that are looking for a Race Department event (or 2) in the evenings during the week.... look no further. On Friday nights we have an event using the WTCC and STCC cars that has grown to full grids and waiting lists. This thread is specifically talking about the North American driver or any driver wanting to drive from 9pm to 12pm eastern standard time NYC time which is GMT -5 I believe.

    IF you are a North American racer and want to engage this community and maximize your experience with this awesome community, I'd suggest 3 things.

    1st. Give this event a try. http://forum.racedepartment.com/gtr-evolution-racing-club/

    This club race is turning into a league in one month and we have tons of interest. Find the race that begins at 1:00 gmt which is 9pm eastern standard time.

    2nd. Make note here that you have interest in driving during the evenings or nights during week or on weekends or even PM me to discuss further. I'd like to see the North American community grow even stronger here as we don't have tons of events for this time slot but I suspect that we could have lots of demand if the drivers were made aware of events and/or we just planned to drive together.

    3rd. Check the Wednesday night races at 8PM to further get involved. That race uses different classes of cars throughout the month and is a top quality event. They often have 10-12 drivers but could use double that!!!

    I posted something like this (in the old North American forum) about 5 months back with decent interest so I just wanted to re-probe to see if we have drivers in this timezone (9-12 pm eastern standard time NYC) that are not connected to a racing group but would like to be connected.

    Again, PM me if you have interest and we can discuss. Yves is the organizer of the Wednesday night race and Keith Barrick and Eric Kaczmarek set up the Friday races. They are a great bunch of guys to contact as well. In efforts of full disclosure, I'm not RD staff, just a very interested party!!!!
  2. Top notch post mate. Been thinking of posting the same thing.

    Im also available to answer questions by PM if any assistance is need, also Yves Larose, who is organizing the Wednesday events.

  3. Anyone? Beuhler, Beuhler, Beuhler? Ferris Beuhler?
  4. Hehe... Dont u already have 30+ drivers on Fridays? :)
  5. Yes we do! I figure there are more drivers out there and I was just wanting to help them get connected with this great community. We do have 37 drivers are signed up for our ATCC however that can't be all of our North American drivers.

    IF everyone could experience what we have going on Friday nights.... they'd want to be a part of it. I just wanted to get an idea of other how many other interested parties we have out there that race in this 9 to 12 pm eastern time zone and figure out how to get them involved too!!!

    A little growth is good. A lot of growth is better!!! In the future, we should have enough demand from this timeslot and Nor Am drivers to have 3 or 4 events per week. Maybe I'm a dreamer.... just seems possible.
  6. There's no rule against TWO races at the same time, is there?
  7. huh?? what do u mean?
  8. NO rule against it but if we had demand, we'd try to arrange another night of racing.

    The fact that we have over 30 active members for friday night races works out good because every friday there are guys that can't race and we're always attracting new guys. So we have a full 25 person grid with very few so far that aren't getting to race if they want to and can fit into their schedule. You're right though, if we get enough demand, say 50 drivers wanting to participate, we'd want to consider a 2nd race or something to that effect.