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Normals invert themselves in rFactor

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nothke, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. I have a weird problem, I made a normal map and in 3dsimed it displays correctly, but in rFactor it's inverted.. And it's especially weird cause some of the "valleys" are correct, while some are inverted.. There's an example:

    In 3dsimed:

    In rFactor:

    Actual detail from normal map:

    In both pictures the sun is in front of the faces..

    You can see that the fuel tank lid seam has inverted, while the door seam hasn't... weeeeeeeird... Is there any solution to this problem?
  2. Problem SOLVED!!!

    The problem was that when I created the normal map in photoshop I checked the "invert Y" and "invert Z" in the normal plugin.. When I unchecked them, it worked in rFactor... But in 3dsimed it looks now as it looked before in rFactor xD Weird.. 3dsimed shows it wrong probably.. But now it works in rFactor =)
  3. It can vary from game engine to game engine, which way they should be. So it's always worth making sure you have them the right way round in each engine you work with. :)

    You can simply invert the Red and/or Green channels in Photoshop to get the desired effect too.