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Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 5' started by Peter Evans, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. New track is the mighty Nordschleife, available todayy
  2. William Wester

    William Wester
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    I have to say I'm a little surprised that they would release this monster for free :speechless: Just saw a quick YouTube video and it looks fantastic - I know what I'm doing tonight!
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  3. Its bloody awesome.. Just went for a quick spin, what a track!!
  4. laser-scanned too...
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  5. All tracks on FM5 are laser-scanned.
    The reason this track wasn't included in the first place was because they hadn't had it scanned yet

    You had a go?
  6. And she's a beauty too. Ive running the new cars for the last hour on Nordschliefe
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  7. Just wanted to ad that you're gettng all 3 versions of Nurburgring in this update, GP, Nordschliefe, and Nordschliefe+GP tracks.
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  8. I just did-- had to wait until I could move the xbone to our primary tv as the quality of it is much higher than the one my kids use.

    The track looks fantastic. The work Turn10 did on all the elements around the track-- road signs, fences, graffiti, trees etc is terrific. While playing the game from cockpit view it really is the most complete version yet. pCars has a really great looking version too--with the day night cycle & incredible lighting but the overall artistic package in Forza 5 probably has it beat from a visual immersion level (at least at that static time of day).

    There are people out there nitpicking a few curbs... talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. Turn 10 really nailed this track.

    But all is not perfect. Due to the nature of the track and Forza's too slippery physics... I think the gamepad controller is more frustrating than it is on other less demanding tracks. It makes it too easy to overdrive and harder to nail the many challenging apexes. Perhaps more laps will get me used to it but I was longing for the TX wheel to see how real ffb and better control would feel.

    BTW, I think the vast majority of Forza 5 tracks are laser scanned but not all. Several of the older tracks were close enough that the new textures and lighting got them up to speed without a laser scan. I have never read which ones weren't but if I had to guess I would say Road Atlanta and maybe LeMans.
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  9. I believe all Forza 5 tracks are laser scanned except the fictional tracks, for obvious reasons.
  10. Here is an interview which describes why they laser scanned some and others they were able to just brush up without a full scan:


    All new tracks are/will be scanned it appears-- including Road America, Long Beach and Nurburgring. FWIW, I think most are scanned at this point but particularly doubt Road Atlanta and to a lesser degree, LeMans and Top Gear. Some tracks they haven't mentioned as being redone with a scan are fairly easy to see-- Laguna Seca in particular must have been scanned.