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noob Questions

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Roger Snead, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. I am new to PC sims. In rFactor, what do x, y, z, under controller represent? And then you have R....as in XR, YR, ZR.? What is the "R"?

    I don't understand the mystery. In netkarPro it is all labeled...Brake, steering, clutch, etc. How would you know? It's not in the rfactor manual. I have googled and looked all over. Is it just common knowledge? Why not explain it?

    I must be missing something very obvious. Please help. Thanks
  2. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    That's just controller/wheel axes.
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  3. Yea.....I figured that much. I'm looking for an explanation of what each value represents. I see that they adjust parameters..........but to what feature on controller/wheel? Thanks.
  4. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I have no idea - it's different for different wheels, plus I've never really adjusted them on my G27. Best thing to do is a bit of trial and error.
  5. Thats interesting. I am using a Fanatec Elite and the steering is a total mess. I have installed Realfeel and Leos FFB. Does anyone know how I can get the default settings back, or if someone could post them sometime? I have been trying for weeks and looked everywhere for info. I am not PC savvy at all. I want to "play" this sim so bad with good steering. I have tried and tried, and even reinstalled.

    It really stinks I can't enjoy this sim.
  6. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    There should be an option in the "rates" menu to change them back to defaults.
  7. I just leave the axis rates well alone.
  8. No, Rates settings are for keyboard play(digital) Wheels are analog from what I understand.

    You mean your steering works just fine...no complaints, just plug and play?
    I just don't get the shrouded mystery of these adjustable controls and what they mean. Why not make it simple by explaining what the hell x,y,and z and R represent in the manual or RF forums.. ????:mad: :confused: I mean that would give me a huge start. There is an entire section in the game dedicated to it...."Controllers"

    There is no way I am the only one. Thanks anyway. ;)
  9. are you aware that realfeel and leoffb have about twenty paramaters of adjustability? what's your main problem the moment your leaving the pits?
    i use those R paramaters you're talking about with the CSP pedals. they're just for sensibility of each axis, throttle and braking and steering. oh and clutch... but this is for rfactor....
    have you tried removing realfeel or leoffb one at a time and check if the wheel works ok that way??
    also, with fanatec (well, all wheels) when using realfeel, you should install (http://www.virtualr.net/fantec-driver-116-released) fanatec's drivers and remove damper for proper function of your wheel.
    also you should consult this forum: http://f-wheel.com/
    hope it helps
  11. I will look into the parameters of leos and ReelFeal......if I can figure it out ;)
    The problem is simply it is not worth driving...lousy.
    Yes I installed 116 the day it came out......I will take damper off. It was lousy w/ the 64 driver also, and as you know Damper did not have any function anyway with that driver. I am a senior member at f-wheel and visit several times a day. Very little talk of RF. Sean the administrator sent me the Leo and Reel feal files and he is using the Elite wheel as well.
    Thank you for your help. It has given me a little more to work on. I will keep trying. No wonder consoles sell so well...plug and play.;)
  12. i don't know about you're pc hardware BUT recently i bought a new laptop (yeah i play with a laptop) and my wheel (gt3rs) doesn't run in a usb 3.0.
  13. It seems to work fine with my pc on netkarPro, and it shows up on the mapping on RF.

    Just one Q....Are you happy with the steering/FFB wheel on rFactor? I just want to hear someone say it before I waste more hours and hours trying.
  14. yeah, i had a dfgt which is nothing like fanatec wheels! i'm very happy with this set. maybe a dumb question, but have you tried changing rfactor's type of ffb, maybe that's the problem. did u select wheel ffb in ffb type? or maybe its effects...

    again, what do you feel when driving?

    it must be a problem from rfactor, not the wheel since u say that with nkpro is fine
  15. First...... the only dumb Q's can be mine. I dont know squat abot computers or their operation. Yes, it has even recognized my wheel as " Fanatec CSR wheel" I can not always have it say that. I have alot of deadzone.

    At one point it worked kinda ok. I just noticed Leo and real feel is not in my plugin file. That probably is because I just did a restore point deal yesterday. I lost the F1 series that I installed. Did not work anyway.
    Maybe someone can give me their settings. I really dont know what type of FFB I have. Probably whatever came with the RF Download
    I am going to check it again this evening. If someone is willing to help me out, that would be nice.
  16. install whatever mod u like, even the default car that comes with rfactor.
    go to settings, controls. look above now, you'll find mapping, rates ffb, control 1, control 2.
    check ffb tab, there you'll find type of ffb, look for wheel
    next, ffb effects. look for complete
    next ffb strength... i have this at -100% (try +100 and -100) do a lap.
    now, about, deadzone. (in the mapping tab you'll see what is the axle that the game recognizes as your steering axle, for me it's X)
    for ex, if your steering axle is also X, in the control 1 tab you should move the scroll of "sensibility X". there are a lot of sensibility axles. continue to look down and you'll find the deadzone button. click on it. now you have all the deadzones for all the axles. again you should move the scroll that was set as your steering axle.
    did this help? or did i just write a bunch of things you already know???
  17. Yes, this is familiar to me. I am going to check everthing out again now, so I will be done for the night.
    I want to thank you very much for all your trouble. Very nice of you. Maybe I can send you a private message tomorow on how it worked out.
  18. no problem, send pm if u prefer
  19. Y is steering(Y- = steer left of centre, Y+ = steer right of centre),X is brake and throttle for combined pedals(X+ = throttle, X- = brake), and in my case RZ is brake because it's not set to combined pedals, which removes X- because the whole of X is now throttle.