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Non-load cell pedals

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Geran Brown, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Hello all,

    I was wondering if you guys could help me with some suggestions or reasoning...I am in the process of getting my parts together for my new sim racing cockpit (GT/LMP style). I'm having a hard time trying to decide on pedals to go with the Fanatec CSW setup I just bought. I have a few options and was wondering if anyone could give some pros & cons of each...

    1. Todd Cannon's CST-3R with Floor Brackets pedals
    2. Sim-Sport pedals
    3. ARC Team Carbon pedals
    4. Wait for DSD pedals

    I am trying to find the most realistic pedals to a real racing car (ex-kart/race car driver). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    UPDATE: I'm looking for pedals that have a hydraulic brake pedal compared to the load cell/potentiometers.

    Geran B.
  2. Pretty sure they all run loadcells on at least one pedal.
  3. I should have been more clear...I'm okay with a load cell on the throttle pedal. Just looking for something more realistic on the brake/clutch pedals.
  4. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    Incorrect, Todd's are the only ones that have a load cell. It's on the break pedal. The rest are a combination of pot, hall effect, hydraulic or pneumatic pedals.

    As too which ones Todds are proven to be great even being load cell break. ARCcarbon I can't speak on as none have been shipped as of yet. I would like to try them. DSD pedals have not been released.

    For me I would build my own. Which I am.
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  5. I´m in the same boat. Run CSP´s right now which are great as a budget alternative, (probably the best budget pedals out there)

    But waiting for Derek´s to arrive, i think they will be something very special.
  6. A load cell throttle pedal seems strange to me.

    I could do with an upgrade from the stock G27 pedals but I'm waiting to see what the DSD set is like.
  7. I know the 'f' word isn't the most looked at but the V2 Frex pedals look effin rad! They're cheaper than the Arc and Sim-sports, come with a hydraulic brake (with the caliper mind you!!!). I know people aren't keen on the wheel maintenance or customer service, but I like my frex stuff (quite alot actually). I have 100% plans on getting a set, it might be a year before I do so though.
  8. That's good to know that out of all the ones I listed Todd's are the ones to use the load cell. I knew DSD's haven't been released it was more to get an idea of what people were waiting for. :)
    Maybe I could find a set of used CSP's to suffice me until ARC & DSD start shipping their pedals.
    How would it seem strange exactly? Based on DSD's drawings they could be revolutionary in the sim racing world :)
    I looked at the Frex pedals and they are about the same price as the Sim-Sport & ARC pedals. I couldn't find how Frex's pedals really worked and what they use exactly.
  9. To me load cells are about mimicking the effect of hydraulic pressure and resistance. Great for brakes but not for throttle since they are not hydraulically operated.
  10. DSD´s i think uses HALL sensors all around, no loadcells on his pedals.
    Can´t wait to try a hydralic brake pedal.

    Niels on the other hand (Reiza) uses loadcells on all three pedals i believe.
  11. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    Correct on both.
  12. I do belive that Derek's pedals use some kind of pressure-sensor on the hydraulic brake...
    ...the brake is *not* a hall-sensor/potentiometer thing...
  13. Talked to Derek over email and this is his response,

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  14. Interesting thought...makes sense sort of to me but all the cars I've raced (including karts) were connected to the throttle by a cable (unlike drive-by-wire).
    I liked Niels pedal but I don't want loadcells.
    This is exciting to here...looks like I am going to be waiting for his pedals to be released and in the meantime find some cheap/used pedals to suffice me.
  15. Your project was good and your techniques able to run load cell.It's possible that there may be some technical fault in the load cell due to it's not working correctly.
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  16. I don´t quite understand. loadcells, potentiometres, pressure tranducers don´t have any feel to them they are just used to measure your efforts? In loadcell pedal designs it´s dampers, springs and rubber that make the feel of the pedal. The Arc Carbon is pneumatic they use air pressure for the feel. On hydraulic sets like HPP and Emery Tilton it´s again mostly rubber and then the fluid act as dampers pretty much.

    There is several ways to Rome :)

    I don´t think potentiometre, loadcell or pressure transducers really don´t matter all that much. As for reliability dunno potentiometres can work great and is relatively cheap to replace. I believe high quality loadcells tend to hold up a bit better then high quality pressure tranducers but maybe they are so good so for simracing use it don´t matter to much. I sure hope they are anything but the clubsport loadcell resistors which are awful.. But it appears that loadcells have the highest flexibility together with these linear slide potentiometres used in the Arc Carbons perhaps but then that can be a con to as you can tweak in all eternity with the HE Sim Ultimate pedals I am using currently. Arc Carbon seem to be wonder pedals in this regard also.

    But I can´t really put that as a con lol.

    As for loadcell on the throttle yes perhaps it´s a bit larger then life. I can get pedal input while just breathing on the throttle but again the feel is made up of damper and springs so it don´t feel unrealistic during use.
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  17. does anyone wants to share his experience with the new DSD pedalset?