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Misc NO Wrong Way sign 1.1

NO (way it's a) wrong way. not anymore.

  1. gamer19 submitted a new resource:

    NO Wrong Way sign - NO (way it's a) wrong way. not anymore.

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  2. thanks for your work man, is it working for online too ?
  3. I see no reason why.
    But I don't drive online and now I'm at work. We'll wait for someone else to confirm.
    here comes the update. Make sure you use this new version, the old one got 4 small bars on the edges.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2015
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  4. Yea i got the v1.1 version without the 4 bars , i gone to try tonight , i let you know after if its work online too
  5. alright i've try it online , it doesnt work , havnt the wrong way symbol but it still to back in the pits
  6. Ok, so you mean.... you have not seen the sign but you have been penalised and send to pits anyway ?
    Online or ofline ? Tbh... I haven't try it for a long distance what was important to me is when I spin on the track (and that happends a lot :)) and I end up turned the other way, if I just make small move back in atempt to make some U-turn that sign is shown to me. It just annoy me. Maybe I was too optimistic in thinking that you can drive full laps in reverse. Hope that someone else can confirm. I'll test it later tonight. Or, maybe... it can be turned off somewhere in the rules ? Maybe at least via some text-modding ?
    Thanks for reporting btw. Although the news are not so good... :)
  7. OK, I can confirm now - I TESTED IT BY MYSELF (on three different tracks) - YES, YOU CAN DRIVE reversed tracks without any problem. I tested it offline, since I don't ever play online. And if, for some crazy reason, you wish to drive the other way then everybody else during your multiplayer session - you may be kicked by ...some ...admin, I don't know. But it has nothing with this small file.
    It just hide that ugly "wrong way sign". Comprende ?
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  8. Im a drifter and i got my own server , and sometimes we want do only a section of the track and not all the lap ( like the " S " section on sylverston national ) , that's why i was looking for that , but nice work anyway amn and thank you for your answer .
  9. I'm guessing in order to drive reversed tracks you need to turn penalties off, cause even in SP I was getting reset when I did it.

    If you want to drive a different route online take the AI folder out of the track.
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  10. What´s wrong???? It just was a joke!!!!
  11. Oh ok, it is quite funny, I must say.
    Keep it up.