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No Suspension in cockpit view ??

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by SCE_SR, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    i have a problem with my add. open wheeler cars. AlI add cars i have testet, have no suspension in cockpit view. Reiza's F_classic it's ok.
    Is it a missing parameter or is it a "bug" ?
    See my shots:

    This is 1992 mod in Cockpitview:

    Same car in T-Cam.
    F_classic car in cockpit. Thats ok.

    Best Regards
  2. hex


    ALL open wheeler mods or just this one? By the way, this is 1993 mod, not 1992, it is very old and badly converted - I assume this would be the issue, but if you say all addon mods have the same problem...
  3. hex


    Or this is 1992 v1.0 :confused: Nonetheless, it still is very old and badly converted. Install v2.1 instead. :thumbsup:

    Sorry for flooding, I couldn't edit my post.
  4. I have found it.
    I have delete the damage.ini data for more performance, my mistake. :whistling:

    Thanks for the v2.1 tip, looks good. :cool:
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  5. And thanks for the help. :thumbsup: (i can not edit my post too)
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