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No sound when recording a replay with Fraps

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Warren Dawes, May 17, 2010.

  1. A question for any of our movie makers.
    I have just started trying to record movies from Race replays, using Fraps (non registered as yet), and the video works fine, but I get no sound. I have enabled the "Record Sound" option, I've tried lots of different sound settings with my hardware but still no sound recorded. Do you need to register Fraps for sound to record?
    Is there an alternative to Fraps that I could try?

    I'm using Windows XP, and my PC uses on-board sound (Realtek).
  2. Silly thought perhaps, but have you tried increasing the recording volume in your audio properties?
  3. Whenever I have had this problem it is because one of the options under 'Record' in the Realtek manager was not checked. I can't remember which but all four need to be checked. CD, Line, Mic and Stereo.

    Hope that helps :)
  4. are you using USB speakers or normal ones? USB wont work becouse fraps wont find it,
    and you hawe your drivers installed?
  5. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Speakers are not relevant to this, the sound is streamed directly from the soundcard to Fraps.

    RE the input: most soundcards default to mic, which isn't much good in this instance, as Ryan says you need to check the inputs. The options can vary from card to card and driver version etc but if you have it you need to select 'Wave'. this will record the sound as you hear it through the speakers, excluding any external inputs like mics etc. Alternatively you can use 'Stereo Mix' which is wave plus all external inputs all mixed down to one track. This can be handy if you want to record the game and speak over it at the same time. if your making short clips it will save needing to chop bits of audio up to lay over the top.
  6. Thanks guys, after following the advice from Dave and Ryan, I have managed to get the sound working now. My Realtek Sound setup was somehow wrong.

    I'll try to upload my first attempt at a movie (from RBR Rally) later, once I work out how to upload them. :coffee:
  7. Vimeo is a nice place to host your vids Warren,i personally prefer them over pootube who seem to like removing my soundtracks >:/.
  8. The problem with Vimeo is that they can just remove your video altogether - they don't strictly like gaming videos on there.
  9. Progress!!! I managed to upload the movie and post it here:

    I don't yet know how to post it in the forum and have the movie screen show up, as per others, but at least I have a link to it.

    Any advice on how to improve it would be appreciated, I'm a total nooby at this. The driving wasn't too bad though, for snow conditions (by my standards at least). :tongue:
  10. either put [vide o] link [/ video], without the spaces or click the handy 'Insert Video' icon just above where you post to get it to embed on the forum.

    Nice driving btw :)