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No sense of speed

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Rob Shillito, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Dont know whether its just me but with this game in the closed cockpit cars there really is no sense of speed, the Nissan GTR for instance you look at the speed and it says 150mph yet it really doesnt seem that quick.
  2. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth

    I do when I've just come from a Formula/open-top car. Although when I watch the in car cams on TV with closed cockpit, it's seems slow also.

    I remember when I first raced in the Mazda Roadsters in iRacing, the sense of speed was horrible. It's much improved in Rfactor in all cars.

    I sometimes think about the sense of speed compared to real driving. When going 80mph on the motorway, it seems quite fast because of the vibrations of the car etc. But when you try to block them out and just concentrate on the view, it's rather quite slow.

    It also depends on your POV.
  3. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    I have just about the opposite. I miss the feeling of slowing down. I find it so hard to judge how much speed I lost whilst braking. 20 or 50 kph "feels" the same for me, but it makes a huge difference in the game....

    The sense of speed is ok for me, but then again, my mind is getting old, so I think it's also related to that ;)
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  4. I kinda get what you mean. I've always felt kind of divorced from the driving in RF2 for some reason. I can't really put my finger on it, because if I come up with a check list of what I want, RF2 ticks every box. But it still feels like something's missing...
  5. Super Koala

    Super Koala
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I find it depends a lot on your height above the ground,In my case short, and the feedback through the wheel. I think that through the wheel first. I found at about 130 mph (flat out) in my old Mondeo Gia X 2.5 V6 it was the steering that let me know I was pushing it. The view ahead looking into the distance all looked manageable. I didn't look at the speed of close objects though or I might have frightened myself. On a road though, that would be different especially comming up to the bends. I found myself braking early due to the fact I'm chicken and didn't have the confidence. So I would guess peripheral vision is the main visual cue of speed but difficult to reproduce for a single screened PC like mine. You see more in the open wheelers and I think rf2 has it nailed for these.
  6. Yes, sense of speed depends largely on FOV and the number of screen you're running. Lower FOV means less sense of speed, but better sense of distance. Higher FOV means better sense of speed but worse sense of distance. You can combine the good parts by running triple screen. Then you can run low FOV, have a good sense of distance (and life-size cockpit) and side screens provide a good sense of speed as well.
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  7. James Woods

    James Woods

    Yep, i do wonder if this is the reason behind it. I use a low FOV (28ish) in all games and rf2 feels the same as rf1 in speed.
  8. absolutely the same here, especially if you come straight from iRacing. It just feels kind of glib, out of touch, dunno. Also, I still cannot figure out how to get the visuals anywhere close to what I see in other guys' movies, there must be some setting I overlook, it all looks grayish filtered and the replay is just dreadful, like TOCA2, even if I have all settings at max (runs totally smoothly btw)
  9. James Woods

    James Woods

    Replays outside of the car do look terrible, no doubt about that.

    Have you tried using something like 4xAA with super sampling on? That should help. If you have a high-end GPU, you may even be able to use 8xSSAA.
  10. that is a start, at least i am not the only one. will do some fiddling with the settings, thx for the advice.
  11. I use between 60 and 80 FOV in rFactor 1 on my 21.5 inch monitor, depending on the mod(mostly 80). Anything else feels too slow.

    And about lower FOV making distance judgement easier, for me it's the opposite.
  12. James Woods

    James Woods

    you'll always perform and feel more comfortable with what you re used to, but a low FOV once tuned to the brain definitely feels more real.

    If i try to use a FOV like you describe above, even the most harsh corner seems to be only a slight curve on a straight, and when I turn the wheel it seems like I can't steer, like i'm doing rally in fact. But i am now very used to low FOV.

    Here's a pic of the middle screen only in GSC to see how different it is because of FOV, game paused so car is in the same identical position for both shots:




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  13. The low FOV shots looks very "zoomed in", looks like you are a lot closer to the corner than in the high FOV ones, how does that help you?
  14. James Woods

    James Woods

    It helps because you're not actually zoomed in with a low FOV, you're in fact zoomed out on a high FOV.

    When you have triple screens, you try to calculate a FOV that means a building in the distance is actually the same size visually as it would be in real life from the same distance, from within a real car. So those corners may appear closer, or zoomed in, but in real life this is how the corner would look from within the cockpit, which means you can judge it so much easier.

    My fov is not 100% perfect, but it's far closer to reality than a high FOV, which is completely unrealistic but necessary to some degree or you would not see enough of the sides of the track or cockpit with a single screen.

    It's all about compromises, and triple screens with a low FOV removes an enormous compromise. It's the biggest leap in feeling and sensation I've had in sim racing since moving from a pad to a wheel. It's not just visual, it changes everything about it in my opinion.
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  15. Thanks for the clarification, hope to be able to get a 3 mon setup some day! :D
  16. Nice comparison James on those screenshots ;)

    I started sim racing with single large tv and higher FOV, typically in bonnet view, because I was much slower in cockpit view, and very likely due to what James pointed out.

    But recently decided to get a 24" monitor, and with 2 old hp 19" widescreen monitors I had collecting dust setup a triple screen using softTH. Now running a low FOV in cockpit view with a much better perspective on the track and get a sense of speed from the side monitors. Could not go back to a single screen and now I know why people rave about triple screens! :cool:
  17. James Woods

    James Woods

    Took a lap and recorded it at low and high FOV. You can definitely see the difference there. Same lap and started at the same time.

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  18. Guys back to topic....;)
    I experience a strange lost of speed
    itlooks and feel like lag but it isnt it. more freeze like. but the sound doesnt stotter.
    I lose about 5 seconds in a lap when it occurs
    I have the replay and it shows it the best at 21.00 minutes.
    Please dont judge my driving skills :whistling:
    Then you can also see the car is not fixed after leaving pit.. bugggg
    Also my video res attached maybe there i have it wrong

    Any one has a idea what can be the problem
    I have a 100 laps race sunday and if this stays this way i will not be able to join.
    So thanks in advance
  19. James Woods

    James Woods

    Try to use the highest resolution available to you on that menu screen, and i'm not sure level 6 AA is a good idea, not sure it will be doing anything, try level 1 for a moment to see if it is faster or slower.
  20. Use in all my game level 6
    And my res can not go higher because my ( old) television doesnt have a higher res :(

    Did you look the replay? that tells it all at 21.00