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No SC, no red flag nor any aggression

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by pokerhue, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I am at Yeongham in my second season with 50-100% races in carreer-mode and I haven't seen any Safety Car or had a Red Flag yet. I drive with AIs set to Legend, but they are very shy of overtaking. They are not taking chances or being the least aggressive. If my tyres are badly worn, they just drive up behind me and kind of stay there even in the races.

    I tried the MOD IA VERSION 1.0-BETA2 and experienced faster lap times from the AI drivers but still extreme lack of aggression and haven't had SC or Red Flag after more than half a season using that MOD.

    Any one with similar problems or with knowledge of what I can do, to experience this so called Safety Car, red flag and AI aggression?
  2. I was in Malaysia, 1st season (again). With this mod, at 50% race and 60% of raining, I've had a great race. Managed to get P7 in Qualy, I forced 1st place in 1st corner. On the grid, at start, in front of me I've had Massa, Button, Hamilton, Webber, Vettel and Schumy, in this order. After 1st corner, Button was 2nd. Till finish line I've had great battles with Button and, before pit stops, he was always in front of me. For the last 5-6 laps it was light raining. I've take my chances and remain on track with Primes, but in the last lap it was hell on earth. Great battle with Button, Massa and Senna (I don't know how Senna was able to get the 4th place). I have finished on 3th... In the last hairpin, Button and Massa was able to pass me and overtake.
    Anyway... Great race with great mod. Plenty overtakes, plenty fights... Wonderful... Almost like in real F1 races.
  3. I am very interested in trying SC and Red Flag. Sounds as great racing DavidHC, what team do you drive for? I don't know if it is of importance or relevant to my problem, but I drive for Sauber.
  4. Thank you Tarkus, I will try that!