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No engine sound after 1.9 patch

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Giovaneveterano, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. After the 1.9 update almost every car doesn't have engine sound.
    Someone has a fix to this?
    Thanks in advice
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  2. Mods or Kunos Content? Please give a little more detail.
  3. Kunos content
  4. Works fine for me since update. Try to validate game files via Steam.
  5. Done. Still doesn't work.
    Mod-cars works as always, Kunos ones haven't the engine sound.
  6. That is weird because the update should have broken sounds for Mods. I suppose you go to the official AC Forum and report it in the bug section with as much detail as possible (Soundcard, 5.1 or Stereo etc.)
  7. Haven't you installed any sound packs (for example, the Fonsecker one) before the update?
  8. Yup, perhaps you installed sound mods for these cars? Check their respective sfx folder and make sure only the default .bank file is active (as mod files have both a .bank AND a GUIDs.txt).
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  9. Thank you!
    I deleted the GUIDs.txt and the sound is come back.
    Thank to all of you for the support, I hope this thread can help someone else :)
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  10. I have engine sounds for mod cars in game but no eng. sounds for mod cars in replay.with guid text deleted I have no engine sound at all.Any suggestions?
  11. Terra21

    Premium Member

    i think you mean.internal sounds are working for mod cars and the external sounds are not .i have noticed this too
  12. RC45

    Premium Member

    Just get WKMODs fixed global bank files, place those in the main SFX folder and then replace the Kunos sounds in the Porches with mod sounds (that are better anyway) and all mods & KS Porsche's will work with all sounds.
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  13. Hello everybody,

    I have the sound problem exactly opposite.
    I have in the replay no engines sound with the mod cars.
    However, all other externalsounds in replay works perfekt.

    Everything is perfect for the Kuno cars.
    Is this a soundcard problem? I have a new computer, and also because the Fonsecker sounds do not work.

    The latest realtek drivers I installed, without success.

    Do you have an idea...? thanks for your help
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2016
  14. here the same think...external engine sound in modcars not work. all other external sound work perfct.
  15. Terra21

    Premium Member

    With Fonsecker's mods i think you just need to reinstall them..
  16. Same here,after 1.9 update all car mods have lost external sound.
    I have no sound mods (like fonsecker,ecc) only native sound of modded cars.
  17. Of course they have. Whats up with you people? The game has been updated so it stands to reason going on past updates.:rolleyes:
  18. Even after a new installation the fonsecker do not go. (tested with Ferrari 4.58 gt2)
    But I do not use the, since the problem was already in 1.81.
    Maybe a sound card problem?

    Or does it mean that all modders have to adapt their models?
  19. Terra21

    Premium Member

    Hey there's nothing wrong with people asking for some info into why they have lost they sounds after 1.9 .for all you know they could be totally unaware that when updates like this come it affects their mods
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2016
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  20. Andy Jackson,for my point of view...There's nothing up.
    I was just wondering if maybe there is a solution for this issue,I'm not so expert on modding to find what's wrong.
    Surely is something related with Guids.txt file (contained in all sfx folders of add-on car mods).
    Maybe is just a matter of address changed,i think they probably point in a wrong direction.