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No assists

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Anuraj Tapidas, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. How do I got about getting used to using no assists at all on this game. Right now I am comfortable with everything except abs and traction control off except on some of the tracks I don't know.
  2. I dont use any aids sinse the end of 2007 on everygame i drive... The beginning is difficult, but some months later going faster than before and dont need them anymore...
  3. Assists are never good IMO because it prevents you from learning how to really drive. It's a matter of putting in the time to practice. Pedal control, car setup, knowing the track etc. I recommend:
    F1 2011 Advanced Drivers Guide by David O'Reilly

  4. Thanks that was really helpful. I will see if I can incorporate the string theory into my driving although it may be hard with the DFGT pedals
  5. I have the same pedals. Yeah, they pretty much feel like a kids toy compared to Thrustmaster's T500RS. But until I buy one, I modded my kids toy using a bungee cord over the pedals. It actually helped a lot.
  6. To answer OP, read Davids guide, keep reading it, and practice practice practice!
  7. Oh man, my first wheel was Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP and assists were off since first race :)

    I got DFGT then. Not best wheel, but fairly good. I remember it as good time with getting basic skill of driving.

    And like Paul said... Practice, practice, practice. And then get some practice... Trust me pedals aren't main problem, it's all about skill. I remember that when I bought G27 driving became easier, I'm doing less mistakes... But skill is the most important.
    I'm not saying that I'm good driver :) I'm still crap, but I'm enjoying racing games without assists no matter what wheel and pedals I have :)
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  8. I just had a try. Was brilliant. Spun once on the last lap as I was too excited and was going to pass the race leader.
  9. The best track to practice aids off is Singapore. If you can be fast there you can be fast everywhere.
  10. Thanks Victor will get on to practising there. First step learn the track :p I managed to do Monte Carlo 50% and only had little slips because of worn tires. So I think I am getting somewhere at least.
  11. the best way to learn fast no assist racing is when you go to gp mode and drive hevy rain sessions,that drivers guide dident help me at all,just you need to practice
  12. To get off ABS, you have to learn the track (braking points, bumpy braking zones) and realize that you'll occasionally lock up.
    If you're bad at throttle input control (or are a keyboard user), learn to use gears to control your throttle.
  13. I never thought I would get the hang of driving without assists but after a little bit of practice it's amazing how much quicker you can go - plus you feel more confident in what the car will ultimately do.

    All I would suggest is that you slowly build up, so break super early on the first lap and only on 100% throttle when you're straight and then slowly go a little earlier and earlier. You'll then find the place where it's too late on the breaks and too early on the throttle.
  14. The aids give you a false sense of security and really teaches you to floor it out of every corner to be fast. The TC scales down your engine power to not send you flying off the road when your tires break traction. My biggest difficulty in transitioning from aids on to off was definately corner exit, the braking takes a bit to adjust to as well but I cant tell you how many times i've snapped out my rear end giving just a hair too much throttle on a sweeping turn. Once you get a feel for each corner and how much throttle you can give it without sliding the speed and consistancy will come.
  15. Exactly my problem, it's a hard habit to break :p I've just got my wheel too and I can tell it's going to take a long time to really get the hang of it.
  16. I managed this on my first day:

    It's really hard to drive on the wet

  17. Nice driving mate :) I haven't made the transition completely yet, I'm still on automatic but all other assists are off.

    Would like to see how you do in a career on expert difficulty. The AI in co-op mode is supposed to be piss easy.
  18. Wasn't co-op just a multiplayer race and thanks any advice on driving in the wet though?
  19. You're a better driver than me, I haven't even got to grips with driving in dry weather with no assists yet! :p
  20. 1 hint - it's slower to control TC with exiting corners on higher gear. Taking 2nd gear corner on 3rd means a lot of understeer and slower exit. Just learn to use your right foot properly.