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nKPRO 1.3 Beta B update RELEASED

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Andrew Scott, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Hi all, read over at RSR about a released update to fix some of the issues in 1.3, head over to nKPRO HERE and grab the update its only 2.8Mb, you cant miss it.

  2. Where do I put these files?
  3. root folder of netkar. overwrite files.
  4. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Place the files in your game DIR typically C:nkpro13 and allow to overwrite selected files, your done.
  5. Since i made the updates, the car of others racers online are blue cubes :S
  6. They are just cubes while they are loading or while you are loading or driving. That's to keep loading other cars from crashing you. When it's safe, they will switch to the full car.
  7. Ya but why cubes , just make tham normal ghost car for that purpose.
  8. Because it's a momentary loading lack that can be happened while you are running.
  9. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    As far as I know and correct me if I'm wrong please, to load GHOST images requires further levels of graphics & cpu power, slowing down the server and possibly causing other issues for drivers already on track, I believe these problems are eradicated by using the transparent blue-cube. Dont forget a blue cube will only appear when another player loses connection while lapping, all fresh connections are spawned in the pitbox, you'll never spawn mid circuit.

  10. Uff


    This is not correct: you get a blue cube everytime a new driver connects to the server. This should prevent join-lag. If you don't stop, you will see that cube lap after lap as the car has not been loaded on your pc.
  11. everytime someone joins my screen always lags for a milli second and it can be very off putting if i`m on a bend with the Vintage :(
  12. I confirm...
  13. that join lag where you screen momentarily freezes is normal (for netkar). It's been there since I first installed 1.1, it's not something new in 1.3. But I agree, if it happens at a bad moment or if someone keeps leaving then joining again it can be very distracting.

    The cars initially load as simple blue rectangles to help minimise this effect. As far as a I've seen, while in this state they are also not collidable. So you don't have to worry about crashing into them. The car textures don't load until you make your car stationary, either on track or return to box / pits. Once you stop, you'll notice another slightly longer pause as the models and textures are loaded to replace the blue rectangles. (Kunos has mentioned before that there are some copy write issues with using ghostcars so they can't do that.)

    There's a server setting where you can stop people from joining certain sessions such as qualifying and race if you like (only allowing them to join during practice). I don't set that on my server as we only race for fun anyway, so it's not such an issue. Personally I'd rather have more people on track than worry about a small pause. I'm sure it something Kunos will look at in NK2.0
  14. If I remember correctly, old simbin games(I'm not sure what kind of, sorry) have had the join lag, as them are without safety system like blue cubes. By the way the lastest simbin game has that system, as the way that apply nothing on screen, and iracing is also so I remember.
  15. Join lag was incredibly worse in the first version. When Stefano finally finished version 1.03 in 2007 he tried to fix the problem by creating the blue cubes solution. The thing is, that the join lag is now less than before, but it is still very distracting. Even more distracting is racing a blue cube. Somehow you never know where they are going in the turns.

    Sims like iRacing don´t suffer from join lag, do they? Nor does LFS? Another thing for Stefano to fix..
  16. if i remember, gtr2 has the same kind of join lag too. in gtr2 there is an option to always load, load at slow speed, or load when car stop.
  17. In the release notes it says that "Fixed Osella appearing as “FTarget” in the time monitor".. anyone confirm this is the case?
    On my install it still says FTarget even after the installation of the update, at least on the online server I was two days ago.
  18. Same for me osella apears as FTarget.
  19. nvm.
  20. Confirmed, this bug still is there in version 1.3B.