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WIP Nimbin - Austrailia "Concept Dirt Track"

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Pangaea, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Nimbin - Austrailia "Concept Dirt Track"

    Hi folks, well here is my first track ive done with btb, its for RBR, its stilll not quite done yet. Im very much at the learning stage so any good or bad opinions are welcome. Still need to add more track surface to the later part of the the track and some objects here and there. Its an imaginary track set in Australia. Its a tightish slow dirt track with some terrible bumps, hairpins and off camber turns. Easy on the power for this one, you should be looking at getting to the finish in under 2mins. I think my record (forget which car) is 1.51.

    Location : Nimbin - Queensland, AU
    Length : 2023 meters
    Surface : Dirt Gravel - Dangerous Bumps & Dips
    Pace : Slow
    Hazards : 2 Very tight hairpins, Off camber crests, Sharp bumps, Tight sections with fencing
    File size : 12.6mb

    Future Updates
    Will make a reverse track
    More trees, rocks and better detailed terrain
    More track surface bumps and dips
    will generally work on the track so it has a better flow.

    (im not quite sure how to make this distributable, so i made a rar of the the track folder.. i think all you do is unrar it to your RX_CONTENT\Tracks\ folder, then load it by starting rbr, options, plugins then select RXplugin (i think its called). Dose anyone know how to make a track ive made from btb so it loads into RSCentre as a btb state ? )
    Download link:

    (will make a youtube chan soon and up some vid of tracks i make)

    Regards & Seasons Greets
  2. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    These tutorials are only working good when it is shown at a MUCH slower speed and with good comments. I can't pick up what he is doing.
    At this speed, what he is using, these tutorials are useless.
  3. Hi folks..

    lakimakromedia ... i looked at those tutorials.. and they seem like a good method to get nice blended curbing.. the only problem i can foresee with your method is, once you create a certain number of points for a surface its seems impossible to then delete points at other sections of the same track without messing the polygons up on the whole track. .. perhaps I could make separate sections then merge the tracks.. seems a bit too much hassle tho.. Ide say your method is very good for hill climbs and others. Since im learning btb ill stick with the regular method for now untill im comfortable with it, then ill give your method a go to see if its better to work with.

    thanks again

  4. Here is sample how build track* with eMeL:
    To work, add to xpacks in project
    -rural australia
    This xpacks are original/standard xpacks [ you can find it in ...\Bobs Track builder\XPacks !]

    After that u can ofc add standard terrain
  5. When I have time, I'm going to write about the method and attach some track examples also.
    Or, I will share with a new project I'm doing now - that needs time too ;)
    But now - Merry Christmas :)