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Skins Niki Lauda 1976 1.0

helmet, skin car and rider with details and real cockpit.

  1. Very very nice work! Thanks
  2. fantastic work man, Can I use this driver in 1980's mode?
  3. Yes of course, you can use, modify or make whatever you want it, all my jobs are for free licence I have no intention to charge for it :D
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  4. Thank you very much man
  5. Meff28s


    At least you could thank me.. everything here is exactly what you can get in my Legend Mod : Lauda's face, Helmet (minus 2 sponsors) and the name on the car.
    By the way you also should use the suit i did which is far better than this one.
  6. your mod is crap and I've only used the face niki the rest i do it, and I do not have to give thanks for nothing, before you ought to thank you for using their models codemasters...
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  7. you lie :poop:, all sponsors and names are all made by me, i did not know you were the creator of all logos niki lauda...:whistling:
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  8. I have paste all files in the F1 2013 folder but I don't find this car in the game, can you help me ? (sorry for my bad english, I'm french)
  9. Meff28s


    Well great, you're totally right ! I'm soooooo sorry...
    But you said that this is my Lauda's face don't you ? So not even a little thank ?
  10. in my post i
    In my description I do not speak anything about nikki lauda face, that I have done. I use the things I like about this site for my own work and then I will upload for others to use them or modify them do what they want with them. If you do not want to use your work not upload... but as you've apologized, then I will thank