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Nightlight problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Normark1956, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. I have put some omnilights on a track, most work fine, but some
    seems to be willing to light up the surrounding terrain but not the
    track surface. I have tried to move them a bit, change the hight
    etc. but they still only light the terrain. The track surface material
    is the same all the track so it seems strange that some of the
    omni lights hit the road surface and some doesn´t:silly:

    Is there a limit for the number of omni lights?

    Thaks in advance for any help!
  2. Hey Normark,
    I'm in the same boat. Piddy's default xpack lights work properly, but my custom made jobs light up everything except the track. i've only got three in there over the 7km lap.

    i think you can have 4 lights per track segment? that can't be my problem though because there are probably twenty segments between each light, and i don't mean rows of polygons, i mean track areas defined by the track surface tool. there would be at least a kilometer between each light.

    i checked a value in the track properties that said something like recieve light or omni or something but it didn't do the trick.
  3. I´m working to solve the problem, post here if I find the answer:good:

    Could have someting to do with ex. a string object that is on top of the track in some places ( a curb ex. ) that doesn´t recieve light.
  4. hope you work it out, i have a few lights that don't light the track,most do i using the piddy xpacks lights.
  5. for what it's worth, i don't have any objects on my track like that. i hope you can sus it out though.
  6. Again on this thread, if somebody is so gentle explaining to me how they really works...

    I tested them in this way:
    1. made a track 500 meters length
    2. divided it into 9 track surfaces (no shape or material changed)
    3. added one default omnilight each 50 meters, for a total of 9 lamps for each side (it means 2 lamps for each sector)

    No way to watch the lights working well... the first 4 lights (first two sectors) don't light the track, as well as the last 2 (last sector)! Others work properly.


    Many thanks in advance

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  7. you´r right, strange, strange behavior:damnit:
  8. Yep, came here to post same thing. I am also getting the problem on terrain section that joins another, where I needed to click and drag a new section.
  9. I hope an expert guy will be so gentle to explain the right procedure (or a tutorial) about a problem that seems to affect several people.
  10. The number of Omni Light's is not limited. What's is limited is the number of Omini per track surface.

    I don't remember exactly how many lights you can use per each GMT file (remember: any terrains surfaces that you got into BTB will be exported as an individual GMT file). But, if you try to put more omnis than the limit, the entire GMT terrain file will keep unlighted.

    Do the following:

    - Click on BTB's Terrain interface.
    - Select some few triangles of your troubled terrain area in "materials" tag and click on "MERGE"
    - You will cry a subset of triangles which will be exported as a new GMT file.
    - Try the track again in RFactor.

    Probably the new GMT created will be lighted now. All you need to to is to reduce your GMT areas by using the method described and creating more terrains areas (and, this way, creating more GMTs). Using smaller terrain areas, surely those will be affected for less Omnis instances and will be lighted as you want.

    If you keep getting problem, please send me your track venue, I got this issue before but I could figure that out.
  11. Many many thanks for answering.
    I tried your advices, but I think to be not able to understand, because I selected triangles of terrain on left and right sides next to the track per light sectors; when they were "red" I pushed the "merge" button (as well as I tried aldo with right click and "merge"), but nothing happened in monitor view.

    I also tried the track into rFactor but nothing changed.

    As you said I attach the venue and xml files in rar format.

    Many thanks in advance!

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  12. Very sorry by delay.

    Unfortunately I had to trip on work. Any progress on that?

    I only could be put my hands on this Friday. Hope you already figured out this issue. Actually when you select some triangles and then click on "merge" a new terrain piece is created at the bottom of list of terrains.

  13. no problem santangoss. U have the time u need!
    By the way, I'm not able to do what you say... but I can "split" terrain area.
    I did another thing: I deleted the terrain and I created it again but in manual mode to obtain several sectors (I suppose...): the result is that nothing as changed!
    And this is only a little piece of track, so I really do not understand the why.
    I attach the "new way" I used to create it, for your test.

    Again many thanks in advance and please, feel free to answer when possible.

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