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Nico Rosberg claims his pole in Canada

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Cassie Nunn-Price, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Nico Rosberg Mercedes.jpg
    Nico Rosberg claims his second pole in a row, in front of team mate Lewis Hamilton. The dominant Mercedes pair keeping the Williams' at bay, with Sebastian Vettel claiming a surprising P3.

    Saturday at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve saw a multitude of accidents in FP3, and later on an exciting 3 qualifying sessions.

    Esteban Gutierrez was the first to spin out in FP3, ruining his day by hitting the barrier at turn 4; resulting in the Mexican not being able to compete in qualifying. The next driver to receive a scare was Kevin Magnussen who lost his McLaren into turn 1, the young driver and his car safe from any accidents.

    Turn 8 saw three different drivers spin out, Romain Grosjean, Marcus Ericsson and Sergio Perez. All three drivers continuing like normal afterwards.

    FP3 ended with Lewis Hamilton setting the fastest time of 1:15.160, 0.476 seconds ahead of Felipe Massa in his Williams. Nico Rosberg rounded up the top 3 with a time of 1:16.120.

    Qualifying started off as normal, the excitement began nearer the end of the Q1 session. Sergio Perez spinning into turn 8, similar as to what happened in FP3. Maldonado was next, his Lotus losing power resulting in him pulling off into a slip road. Shortly after Marcus Ericsson was the next to make a mistake, resulting in him spinning out and crashing in the exit of Turn 9, causing a red flag with less than 20 seconds left to go.

    The two Williams of Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas looked strong in the beginning of Q2, holding the top 2 spots for a while. Hamilton and Rosberg was the first to break the Williams pair, however Massa continued to keep the number one spot by only 0.059 seconds to Rosberg.

    With 4 minutes left to go in Q2, only 1.1 seconds between the top 15. The top 10 even closer, only 0.540 separating between 1st and 10th.

    The drivers began filtering out with 2 minutes to go; everyone but Alonso out with 1 minute to go. A tense final few minutes for drivers, teams and fans.

    Chequered flag saw Hulkenberg and Magnussen get pushed out from the top 10, joining Perez, Grosjean, Kvyat and Sutil in the drop zone. It also saw the two Merecedes of Hamilton and Rosberg take the recognizable 1st and 2nd respectively, pushing Massa to 3rd.

    Q3 saw the Williams of Bottas go out first, setting a decent time of 1:15.550 on the empty track. Rosberg was the next driver to set a great time, claiming a time of 1:14.946, the first sub 1:14 time set the whole weekend; team mate Hamilton following seconds behind and setting a time that allowed him to take P2.

    Final 2 minutes saw the drivers leave the pits for the final time, hoping to claim pole position.

    Rosberg claimed provisional pole with a time of 1:14.874, with only a few moments waiting for Lewis Hamilton to take the chequered flag, however by making a mistake in sector 2 it resulted in Lewis taking P2 with 1:14.953.

    Ricciardo was the dominate driver of the two Red Bulls' throughout Q3, however Sebastian Vettel showed his speed where it counts, surprising the F1 world and claiming P3. The two Williams separated the two Red Bulls, with Alonso, Vergne, Button and Raikkonen finishing off the top 10.
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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Surprises of the day for me were Vettel and the two Williams drivers.

    If Bottas and Massa can figure out a strategy that leaves at least one of the two up front its going to be a very interesting race tomorrow.

    Ferrari are already looking forward to 2015 and have given up on this season already? :whistling:
  3. Since 2011 Ferrari have kept looking forward to next year development they are going backwards but the car does look fun to drive , always going sideways lol :D
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  4. Dux


    "I went wide at Turn 8 and I went wide at Turn 6," he said. "To be honest I should have got the banker lap in, a bit like in Monaco, but Nico did a great job today and I think ultimately I know I've got good pace here I just didn't do it." - Lewis Hamilton

    what a snitch! sorry!
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  5. How is that?
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  6. Dux


    How is that?!

    "If i could i would go out of the track for session to be stopped and i go away with the pole"

    what is that ?!
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    And where did Hamilton say that?
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  8. Dux



    Reading it now i see maybe he thought about that, he didn't put a good lap, not that he didn't do what Nico did in Monaco, but my first impression was he said what i wrote above.

    If so i am wrong, otherwise is very bad
  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I think you misunderstoo what a banker lap is. Its basically a lap where the driver is not pushing 100% just to set a (non-optimum) time.

    More or less a safety measure in case you crash in your hotlap for example.
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  10. Should make for an interesting start to this race.

    Vettel will want to take advantage of his grid position, Lewis will want to jump up straight into 1st with Monaco on his mind and Nico will obviously not want to lose that 1st place?

    I'll stick my neck out and say there could be contact between Nico and Lewis before the end of turn 2 at the start ??

    Result 1.Lewis 2.Nico 3.Massa

    But hey , Just think it will be a great race today ;)

    Anyone else willing to make any predictions ?