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NGP S3 - Nations Grand Prix (RACE 07) - Cancelled

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ross Balfour, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Title says it all guys, what do you think could be added/take away to make Season Three the best season yet. Any cars, tracks, or interesting and unique ideas to make next season golden. The team have already discussed lots of ideas, but at the end of the day, it's your league too :)
  2. Here's my desperate attempt for consent - and not the first

    How about a full simulation season, just one to test? Full sim means as real as the game offers like no auto helps (clutch can be set to a wheel button), no other than cockpit view and no extra practice time between races. That could be done if the track goes public lets say 1 or 2 hours before qualification. Maybe via random choice. Further I'ld like to see the slower classes like Minis, FBMW, W-STCC or maybe even the Camaros which been used very rarely. My experience here the slower the cars the closer the races.

    I know it'll be a tough challenge for some and it separates gamers from race enthusiasts. To be honest I've searched the www and found none. Why not using the simulation game as real as possible? AfaIk it would be the first time in sim history
  3. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Hey Ralf, thanks for the input!

    That would be a big NO for me. Yes it is realistic, but real life teams have analysed the track and know how every corner should be handled before going into 1st practise. Having only an hour to ace a track and get a set-up bang on is impossible. Plues, NGP is all about team-mates working together, sharing laptimes, set-ups etc. Which can't happen with a mad frantic one hour session.
    Another reason is if we want the races to be professional, we need to have racers that already know the track and can already take it to it's limits straight away joining the server. Also, people don't have 4 hours to give up for their events, and it would be havoc for nations around the world with timezones etc.
    And, cockpit view will never be forced, there are 5 views in RaceOn for a reason :D and some people don't have clutches on their rigs so that wouldn't be fair.

    We will most likely be using a slower car next series, although we are still running through the possibilities, one of which is one of the suggestions you made :D
  4. will tell you this now. Fbmw is shown to be not popular and popularitie is really where we are gonig. Wtcc is used WAY too many times by rdtcc and atcc. Camaros i think could be used but i think that might come back but wouldn't be bad to use.
  5. I personally think its better stick with the FM and all the nations... Its a great concept. 2 servers 2 kind of raced... Sprint and Feature.
    But what needs to be done is more dedication.. so the whole season a 'nation' needs to have a guy that drives a race. So NGP server is always as full as it can be.

    Something that could be fun.
    6 (or more) Rounds
    6 (or more) Different car classes

    For example
    Round 1; Formula Masters
    Round 2; WTCC Extreme
    Round 3; Caterhams
    Round 3; F3000
    Round 4; Radicals
    Round 5; Camaro
    Round 6; Mini Coopers

    And then is it of course possible to select a class type with a poll or just preset.
    When a class is selected, it cant be selected anymore, so we need to do the next one.

    This was my brainwave for the moment :D
  6. Maik's idea while interesting has one major flaw:
    The skins are something that's seems for me important for NGP. The guys did a tremendous job for last seasons and the field was looking awesome with all the cars painted to its nation colors. It was for me one of the largest pros for NGP - opportunity to create Team Poland car and then racing it. Having a different ride for each of 6 rounds with (assuming) 10 teams will mean 60 liveries to be made. Even if keeping them at basic design that is just LOADS of work i hardly see coming true. If those will be obligatory some teams may stand down to compete, if those wont be obligatory NGP will loose quite a lot of its specific climate imho.
  7. The mini's seem to be very popular.
    The rest of the series as its run now seems to work very well.
    Maybe set the grids to a reverse order of championship positions. It would give everyone a nice chance to pull out a win.
    Or it just needs some kinda twist in the tail i think, spice it up a bit again
  8. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    The Formula Masters cars are very fun to drive, but we like to go for something new as they weren't very popular as we only had 12 or 13 committed teams to the league. The cars we choose will need to be very popular in order to attract more teams and drivers, therefore bigger grids.
    Konrad summed it up here, too many skins. One car, one league. We will also always use the same car (not 100% certain) for every team, to provide maximum evenness.

    Mini's are one of the classes we have considered, but nothing is confirmed as yet. That's good to hear the Sprint/Feature races are working well, we are planning on doing a slightly better improvement on that (still 2 races) but IMO it will improve NGP even more.
    As for "setting grids" on RaceOn, that's not possible. I quite like the 2 session idea, however if we get more teams on the grid, we can up that to 3 sessions if we want.
    But don't worry there will be some unique features to this season.
  9. Not Race07.
  10. we actually put that into mind but it really looks like we are staying with this game. Rfactor 2 might be an option but depends when that will come. If it comes out i would like to use karts myself.
  11. Personally i really like the last round format - both team drivers racing in both races sprint and feature. The sprint race could be slightly shorter in this case - 20 minutes cold be good and could only be a sort of qually race. The feature race could be longer on th other hand - long enough that pit stop not obligatory could be necessary to get to the finish line or run faster with better rubber (i guess that could be from 45minutes to 1h or up)
    Now the last round format could be done only because the number of praticipants got lower and it was possible to put both team drivers in to 1 server.
    I was thinking maybe if using Brams leader board system (RDWTCC fe.) and 2 servers for the teams would make sense.
    Meaning top teams in server 1 and the rest in server 2 - promotion/relegation for teams respectively each round.
    Scoring system would have to be modified but here i would propose the following : keep the individual reward scale with a spread for the higher places (fe.p1-30 points, p2 - 25 points etc.) and reward points to the last places on server 2. Now use that result only to calculate team results with a lower degree points spread:
    fe. we have 16 teams - a team finished at P1 and P3 and accumulated 50 points = they got no.1 team result and the team gets 20 points.
    The pros of such system would be:
    A high chance that at least 1 server will be full. Quite a lot of flexibility in that matter to have the grids fill up as much as possible as the season goes on and things change. Either put everyone in to 1 server when there is little of them, spread the teams equally on both servers to have them not full but populated, it could be even possible to order grids of 3 driver per team - 2 servers would have room for 16 teams in such case. More driver for round could encourage drivers by giving them better chance for a drive.
    If figured out well the scoring system should provide close competition all season not allowing anyone to run away with points too far AND allowing backmarkers to fight for their points - encouraging for everybody?
    With 2 servers and a proper scoring system even the teams from server 2 have a chance to score more points than the guys from S1 (in theory they can be first if all S1 drivers dnf...)
    The scoring and relegation / promotion could be slightly complex and needs to be figured out (but after all thats just basic math ;) ).
    With 2 servers it is possible some sort of prequally will be required (time attack prequally seems worthless in this case, prequally race sounds good, having the order figured out based on the last season results is also possible)
  12. @Konrad & Ross

    • I totally agree on the skin thing. Its so much work, but its just a idea :)
    • The MiniCoopers is a good idea for sure, but a radical must be cool to.. It isn't used much that the fun part (IMO).
    • The same car for every driver is a must. Its must be as equal as possible.
    • The point system above is really complicated, as far as I can see / read now.
    • The "format" of the last round was oke, with a small group of drivers, but not if we can get more nations in the server.

    ~Keep up the good work~
  13. backing up konrads idea we don't know if we can make 2 servers of teams. If we put 2 drivers per team on a server that could possibly work. Agree with you on the race length that should be different because if you can race for 30 mins on a tank of gas is it really neccessary to have a pit in the first place. We really have to think of a way that can fit for everyone and really be a crowd pleaser.
  14. Here some:
    Sprint: 30 min
    Feature: 60 min (but run it the same as the last round, with 2 x 30 min races, pit in race 2 and reverse grid)
    Bonus driver ranking points during race for drivers (it might attract drivers and keep them in the series)
  15. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    This was one of the ideas I thought of, I think it would be cool to encourage drivers to keep consistent and always field drivers so they stay i the top division.
  16. Well well... My main suggestion would be to get rid of the Formula Master, I mean, this car is great, but don't forget it came only with Race On, and not everybody has this expansion set. We should use a car which is already available in "stock" Race07 to attract more drivers... Actually, I don't think the car itself is unpopular, but when you have Race07 or GTR evo, you don't necessarily want/can buy Race On (or any Race07 expansion set).

    Radical would be an awesome idea as a replacement, available in Race07, and not used in leagues, just what are I'm thinking of (even if I'm okay with F3000 or Minis too) !

    About the race format, the current format (I mean the one we used in Rounds 1 to 5) is alright IMO, I don't think this is the main problem of the league and therefore, this is not a thing I would change... Otherwise suggestions would be strictly on organization, for instance : I would like to see the race's thread one week before the actual event, and not 2 days before...

    Anyway, I think the lack of drivers had consequences in the progress of the latest season (yeah, I know, "master of the obvious"), as a team manager, it was not comfortable to sign up the drivers without being really sure if they would make it. And that's why I think we should make the league more accessible by not using Race On, but switch on to Race 07 cars.
  17. rFactor's Formula Armaroli would be PERFECT for NGP. Shame we are not using rF.
  18. NGP S3 - Paddock (Chat)

    Do you happen to have a question about enything that has to do with NGP and it's progress for Season 3 the this topic is the right place to ask your question. :D
  19. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Hey everyone, hope you havent forgotten us :D
  20. i think they did lol. might need to put this thread in the gtr evolution forum because people aren't coming to ngp forum because all the talk right now is in our planning. think people will talk more there
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