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Next Content Update....?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Bryan O'Connor, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. Wondering if anyone has any news on what the upcoming content will be?
    I noticed in the last patch notes there was reference to upcoming content (probably also why the sale happened), but so far we haven't heard a peep.

    Come on.... As Lionel Blair once said... Give us a clue

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  2. ADAC GT Masters :)
  3. It seems that Simbin is still on summer vacation. Therefore it was very quiet the last weeks, but i think we're not far away from getting new informations.
    Can't wait for the upcoming FFB-patch.
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  4. Same here, been waiting for new content for a few months now.
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  5. cant wait when they fix physics of R3E earlier cars like German Nationals, which now like an axe cow on ice without brakes and aerodynamics.
  6. V8 Supercars!!!!! And of course new force feedback! Plus allow us to at least buy the tracks that are in DTM.
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  7. ADAC GT Masters and WTCC will come, and i'm eagerly waiting for the release of GT Masters Experience. (My wallet is already open) :D
    But what i would also like to see, is a licensed Super GT series. :cool:
  8. I would like to see good enough ffb and reworked physics of most of the cars.Why kunos its done nearly perfect, but Simbin even cant close to it???
  9. Its coming soon and from what I've heard you will like it.
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  10. Im very hope about this, thnx.