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Newcomer Question (controller feedback)

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Wesley Woolley, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Hello all,

    Ive recently purchased some upgrade bits for my PC and a copy of RACE & GTR Evolution. Some of you may know me from the Race Pro forum, playing that game just made me want even more :in-love:

    I have ordered a Logitech G25 wheel but in the mean time im using my wired Xbox 360 controller (suprisingly good). Thing is there seems to be no vibration or feedback from the controller at all which works on Crysis. I have enabled the options for these in game, is it just that the game with this controller doesnt allow any vibration or feedback???

    Any help would be appreciated :handshake:
  2. Perhaps you need new drivers or something. Perhaps RACE 07 doesn't fully support the Xbox controller yet.
  3. Thans for the reply Mark it seems that RACE doesnt support the controller because drivers are all up to date and vibration is working on other games.

    Will do for now anyway till the wheel arrives.
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I am not 100 procent correct but i think RACE 07 should support controllers fully
  5. You won't get any feedback with the default drivers. The reason is that the 360 controller on the official drivers uses the XInput API. Games like Crysis which are "games for windows" games support the XInput API which provides rumble, while other games such as GTR Evo use the older DirectInput method. For some reason MS decided that using DirectInput with the 360 controller wouldn't support feedback.

    If you're on XP, you can install the XBCD drivers which replaces the official drivers, making your 360 controller look like a DirectInput controller. You can install XBCD on vista but I never got the feedback part to work.

    The other advantage of XBCD is that the triggers can be assigned as seperate axes instead of a single axis, allowing you to use the throttle / brake at the same time. you can also set deadzone etc I believe.

    The downside is that on proper XInput games you don't get the auto-assigned buttons, but not a big problem.
  6. RACE 07 isn't "Gmes for Windows". I'd imagine that'd have something to do with it alright, Matt. Microsoft started extending the Xbox services (Live) onto the PC and RACE 07 was released before that, so it wouldn't be fully supported.
  7. Thanks for the help matt i actually tried the drivers you mentioned and they wouldnt overwrite the exsisting official drivers and then tried installing them alone and still no feedback.

    I did rush though so i will try properly at a later date when i have the time, thanks for your help. Mind you the wheel will be here this week so might not bother...
  8. Wesley, two weeks ago I played GTR also with an XBOX controller. Never had any vibration. Then i baught the XBOX steering wheel for also using it on my xbox (race pro, which was a disappointment). Still never had any force feedback on PC. And finally I baught the real stuff, the G25. I can tell you, you won't regret it... Have fun!