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Newcomer help

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Blackadder, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone

    I have downloaded the race on demo from steam. I have a Driving force GT and am fed up waiting for GT5 so i thought i would see what the Race on has to offer.

    I have starting playing, plugged in my wheel and assigned the controls to what i want but when i press the acceleration the car does not accelerate. I have checked my logitech profile and the paddle works, the needle on the speedometer in game reacts perfectly to my presses but the car does not respond, it just ticks down to zero and stays there.

    Anyone know what i have missed?

    Also can anyone tell me if this is basically the same game/physics as GTR? and if so which one is better for a newbie?
  2. It sounds like you might have "hold button for gear" checked in the advanced controls.

    Go to the advanced control screen and uncheck "hold button for gear".
  3. Check that the controller setting are ok at the bindings.
    I had a similar problem first using my momo. The accelerator or the brake padel was not set correctly in the default wheel setting.
    You can check it, just click (or double click, don't remember), then push the acc pedal. If the new setting will be different, that was the problem...
  4. I have checked and it is already unchecked, plus i can change gear fine, it just won't accelerate despite the needle going through the revs on my speedometer.

    Cheers Janos, what do you mean by bindings?
  5. He's probably right. Go back to where you set your controls and re-map your throttle and brake pedals.
  6. Hi Blackadder - sounds like a very odd problem!

    Easy one first - yes it is the same game physics as GTR - but beware that RACE On includes the original Race07 cars and tracks the American Muscle, Formula Masters and STCC 'The Game' cars and tracks as well as some tracks only available with RACE On - It Does NOT include all the GTR cars and the Nordscliffe for some reason known only to SIMBIN and their marketing team.

    Now for the wheel - bindings is just short for 'key binding' ie. assigning (or binding) keys to certain controls which from your posts you must already have done. Note that when assigning(binding) keys to controls there are loads of options available and you can scroll down (you do NOT have to choose a key/control for every option). You will also see an 'Advanced' button on the bottom left - If you click this you are taken to a screen to alter steering sensitivity, amongst many others - dont worry about this just yet - but - at the bottom of this screen is an area where you can see a visual representation of where your wheel, throttle and brake are if all is well in Logitech Profiler its here you need to look to ensure that wheel and pedal movements are been recognised in game. Also that when your off the pedals they are not showing up as been pressed on this screen - if the brake is showing as on all the time it could cause the problem your experiencing, solve this by recalibrating your wheel or possibly increasing the brake deadzone if your pedal is registering as been pushed when its not.

    Assuming you can see the throttle bar going up when you press accelerate brake for brakes and steering then the next question is - when your in game is the gear indicator (in the middle of the rev counter) showing the correct gear or is it showing neutral? Just wondering if somehow your wheel is switching back to neutral? You say the accelerator works but you coast to a standstill is this because the car is going into neutral? Does it work when you put the car in Automatic gearbox? (forget exactly which but its one of your F keys I think F4 but I may be wrong - try pressing them they toggle different things on and off.

    Finally - and this is really really unlikely - remember in Race On you start with cold tyres and if you wheelspin a lot your tyres WILL overheat and you won't go anywhere - this is not a Sony offering where you can floor a powerful car and let the software pick up the drive for you, or scream into a bend and let steering lock scrub enough speed off for you to get round the corner - maybe your just spinning the wheels up with full throttle? Sounds implausibe - but I have seen seasoned GT4 players get thrown by this when jumping into the more powerful cars in the Race On Series.

    Hope my words help you sort out the problem so you can get a chance enjoy the Race On experience. Let us know..
  7. Thanks for the detailed reply Dave

    I figured out what it was when i looked at the advanced settings, i don't know what the initial setting was but it had my clutch permanently pressed down. I assigned clutch to a random button on my wheel and put the setting on auto-clutch and hey presto.

    I had a quick go and the track seems so narrow i feel like i am on a pavement, very hard to navigate, i didn't make a turn without going off at anything less than a crawl, lol.

    What turning degrees is best for the steering wheel?
  8. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Hi Blackadder,

    I personally use a low rotation in logitech profiler(between 180 - 270) depending on car. And my steering lock in-game(car setup) ranges from 18 -24. PLay with these two settings to find the one which you are comfortable with. Others will tell you for a specific car the wheel rotation is blah blah and steering lock is blah blah blah if you search the www, ignore em. Enjoy the game the way you want to.

    Something to work with when finding your preference.

    - Twisty track like Monaco as an example - 220 Rotation and 24 steering lock

    - Track like Spa which have long straights and not so tight turns - 270(or even more) and steering lock of 18/20

    There is also a formula to work that out lol. But as said above you find the settings which suit you best.

    As for GT5, I have given up hope. I mean this was meant to be released a decade ago. When released it will not be perfect. Dunno whats holding em back.

    Enjoy Race On.
  9. What degrees is best - I am sure everyone will give you a different answer because everyone has a different set of figures that works for them.

    At the moment I am using 360 wheel rotation with higher steering lock (the steering lock in car setup - overall) than Abdul. Which probably means I move the wheel about the same amount for the same as Abdul. I can't work it out now but put really simply if I have to move the wheel 360 degrees to get full lock as Abdul does with just 220 degrees - but I will have turned the front wheels by 30 degrees where he has full lock at 20 degrees - SO to get to 20 degrees I dont have to move as far -maybe even 220 degrees the same as Abdul, but I have the extra 10 degrees to get me out of trouble if I need (and I often do, lol). 30 degrees is a bit high, btw, but it depends on the car because different classes have different steering lock maximums and minimums.

    Having the extra rotation for me means I can play around with steering lock in game to make it nearer to what feels as though it works for me on a particualr track, making it higher or lower to fit.

    Some use 900 degrees on the wheel, I have tried it but just cant get on with it, I find I am working against the motors in the wheel too much and become distracted by feeling like I am going to break it or pull it off the desk, its rewarding when you get it right but I think you need a wheel with the durability and build quality of a g25 to be able to use it confidently. Again its a personal choice and whatever works for you works for you.

    God don't I babble on....!