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Newbie's question about Formula Vee

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by St3fan, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. St3fan

    Stefan Zhang <- Just use this name for convenience Premium Member

    Hi guys I've been new to the formula cars in GSC, and I'm condused by the Formula Vee cars (I'm totally ignorant about these cars).

    1. What is the transmission of these cars irl? Sequential?
    2. I'm running the game with a G27. Should I use paddle shifter or H pattern?
    3. After a number of spins I think I do need to rev-match. Do I need to press the clutch when upshift and downshift? If not, when is the proper timing to hit the gas and do rev-match?

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  2. The Vee's transmission comes from the VW Beetle (as everything else) so it's pretty old tech, IRL you would need to clutch on upshifts and heel toe on downsifhts, so if you you want to keep it real go H pattern.
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  3. St3fan

    Stefan Zhang <- Just use this name for convenience Premium Member

    I fact my problem is actually rev-matching... I thought I could just use the paddle shifter like I do with GT3 cars in AC and then I found the car very unstable on downshifts and almost all my spins are caused by downshifts... That's why I made this post to confirm my guess that I have to heel-and-toe. The other reason I made this post is that I searched some pictures of Formula Vee and found it hard to believe a small thing like that can have 3 pedals and an H-shifter in it.

    Thanks for your reply and that post link. I'll read that thoroughly.
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  4. I rarely use 2nd gear with vee. Be sure to stay in 4th and 3rd. Downshift when you are in straight line, or with low rpm.
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  5. The Vee is definitely a car you can steer with your gas pedal. Great training vehicle. Use of second gear for me is always an accident.
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  6. All the gears are available if you can manage the rev match with your heal toe. Don't forget to use the clutch on your downshift and make your shifts slowly... you can't really use the transmission to slow down (at first), with that in mind you need to solve this car with straight braking zones trying to carry your speed on your entry then just balance the throttle in the turn (if you lift off you will spin) to control the slide (they slide Just a bit if you do it right) and power on easy for the exit.

    Jump in this car and hot lap at Taruma... you will figure it out. All the basic techniques of performance driving are exposed with this car, but in a much slower pace (time frame) so you can really see whats is going on with your inputs and how the car reacts... a great trainer.

    If you haven't seen it go and find "Skip Barber Going Faster" on YouTube... it will show you the way if you really want to understand what your doing.

    Edit: Oh I forgot to mention. You must have your steering wheel and FFB setup working well to get the best experience... if you find that you just cant drive the Vee I would consider maybe your controllers are an issue somehow. For example you need a correct steering ratio and GSC might not be setup by default for your wheel settings.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2015
  7. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I'm just here for the snacks

    That's been my issue with the Vee (and all the open-wheel cars), my wheel feels so light and numb that I can't feel what the car is doing and basically have no control. I've tried various steering rotation and steering lock combinations, some are better than others but all of them feel incredibly light and disconnected. The tin-top cars feel great, the wheel can be very heavy/resistant on those cars if I have the settings cranked up, but the open-wheelers all feel numb. It makes me sad. :cry:
  8. Which wheel are you using? I don't want to talk settings to much here but if you are on TM I can share my tweaks. Give me a PM if you want to have a look.
  9. fortyfivekev

    Premium Member

    As the other guys say, there are not many corners that need second gear as it is very low so if you are just using 3rd and 4th there are a lot less shifts. I use the clutch when changing up but prefer to left foot brake so just blip on the downshifts.

    Depending on the set-up you are using you can make the front a little stiffer and/or the rear a bit softer to help with the spins. Also try not to come off the throttle or brake too quickly so the weight transfer is not so fast.

    If you can get your wheel set-up properly this car has a very good feel of weight transfer (one of the best in sim racing I think) and you can just modulate the throttle to keep it balanced.
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  10. You don't need to use the clutch on downshifts or upshifts even when no autoblip (downshifts) happens with any car including the FVee. All you should do for stability is revmatch the throttle (blip it yourself) on downshifts and lift yourself on upshifts. If you're using a sequential shifter - wether it is a sequential stick or sequential paddles - you blip the throttle in between the change (gap in-between gear changes) and it's no different if you use an h-pattern shifter. You get a feel for it after a bit.

    This may change when Reiza update the physics engine.
  11. Second gear in the FVee feels like you forgot to skip gears in a tractor trailer.
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