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Newbie looking for advice

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Gav Elias, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. I am completely new to all forms of sim racing. In the past i have only ever played arcadey racers, like the F1, Dirt, WRC games etc.

    I have spent a few hours this weekend getting the hang of it and am using no assists whatsoever to get a grip of it from the off. I am now up to this level, where i am lapping 1:58/1:59s consistenyl in the FOrmula Abarth at Monza. From what i can see, the fastest laps with this combo seem to be 1:50/1:51ish.

    I am hoping this is a sign of geting the hang of it quickly and making progress to be within 7/8 seconds of the fastest time already, and that is with stock setup and am yet to even tinker with the car's setup.

    Looking for any obvious pointers that experience people can pick up from this video where i am making newbie mistakes :)

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  2. First, pls post a video in cockpit view, makes it way easier to identify what you're doing. Second, take all corners more tightly (Turn 3), and the obvious one: 'don't lock up your tyres'. Sacrifice the corner entry for a faster exit, especially important on Monza.

    before we even get to racing line and etc., are you sure you got optimal wheel /FFB settings? What racing hardware do you have? Did you look up corresponting wheel setting threads? If you change ffb settings, you're gonna have to learn to drive from the start all over again.
    Further, I recommend practicing with another combo, than a formula car on Monza. Formula cars in AC drive like on rails and give you a false sense of security - they give out handling information sparingly and way too late to counteract properly. Take a slower car with a just a little bit of downforce like a Lotus 2 Eleven or even a GT3 car or the Lotus Evora GTC, these are easy ones to drive.
    Monza is deceptively difficult to drive, I'd recommend Mugello or the Nürburgring. Both feature greater corner variety making them better testing venues.
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  3. Well these can help also.

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  4. no, pls no empty box videos
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  5. 1:53:xxx times are the normal fast times.
    1:50/51:xxx is alien time.
    On RSR you can put 2s off the fastest lap and this time you need to drive on MP to be the fastest guy :)
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  6. Why do people have such an issue with EB exactly?

    IMO the guy is pretty even handed in his opinions. And he gives solid advice.
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  7. Here is the cockpit view of my average 1:59.0 lap.

    If what Shaddix22 says is right, that means I am about 6/7 seconds off the average fast time then with the stock setup. That is also where i am at after about 8 hours or so, at least half of which was testing out other cars and tracks etc.

    Not bad considering that at the beginning of that 8 hours i was spinning as soon as i began to accelerate as i am going for zero assists and was going off badly at virtually every corner :)

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  8. I have now posted the cockpit view video.

    I am aware of the huge lock up on the first chicane a I think there was a mild one in the middle chicane. Since this video, I have refined my braking points a bit but the first corner is still catching me out quite often.

    Regarding hardware, I am using a Logitech G25. I have been to the Assetto Corsa forums and adjusted to what they recommend as the best setting for the wheel. It feels good, with the exception of Monza's tight chicanes needing a severe steer to get around them :)

    It is interesting you suggest that. I did actually start off with the Abarth 500 thinking a slower car would be easier but I just don't get on with slower cars. I think because there is the lack of sense of speed with them, I find it difficult to gauge how fast I am going, where to brake etc. With the a Formula cars, the sense of speed means I find it easier to work out speed, braking points etc. I might try to run a few other cars on different tracks this week though just to force myself into the learning different cars and the way they handle etc.
  9. Have you tried the Lotus 49 yet? Driving that can teach you a lot.
  10. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    Good suggestion, throttle/brake control simulator!
  11. Not yet but will give it a go, as well as other cars over the next few days.
  12. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller
    Premium Member

    with the formula abarth you won't believe how much grip you have until you find it. I think the key is to turn in slightly earlier and feel the slight understeer then because you are tight to the inside you can pick the throttle up earlier and this will bring the car alive giving you even more grip.