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Newbie guide?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Simon C, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. As a new player to the game (although I have played GTR Evo, but not much at all) I'm having some troubles. I currently run the Enduracers Endurance Racing mod, and I can't for the life of me manage much more than a few laps without crashing. In the prototype cars it's a bit easier (I'm guessing due to the extra downforce?) but in all cars, GT cars especially, I have difficulty in keeping the car on track.

    As I'm interested in becoming better at driving in this sim, I've got all the driving aids turned off as this is what the cars run in real life (at least that's what they were running at LMS Silverstone for the past two years), plus it's probably better to learn how to drive them properly than start with all the driving aids on and then have a large shock when all the cars start handling differently when they get turned off.

    I understand that there are certain things you shouldn't do whilst turning, such as change gear, brake, or accelerate heavily, but I'm often having trouble before the turn. Whilst braking, making sure I'm not locking up the wheels,the car often spins off. They also seem to spin quite easily at low speed, which has me perplexed. Half the time I'm watching what the AI do to see where to brake, and I'm left scratching my head in wonder when they brake so late, yet my car seems unable to do so.

    So, any tips for a new player on how to drive GT/LMP cars? :)
  2. With the GT cars you need to blip (push the throttle when braking and downshifting) to rev the engine under braking. The LMP cars have automatic blip like all the GTR Evo cars. So when you change gear the computer automatically revs the engine. But like i said with the GT car in this mod you need to do it yourself. :) If you do that the car is stable. :)
  3. Ah, that may be an issue. I have no clutch pedal on my computer, and the brakes and accelerator are on the same axis. At least I know what the problem is now though, thanks. :)
  4. Don't run combined pedals uncheck it. I have also no clutch. Just do Left foot braking and blip the throttle with the right foot.
    It takes maybe a little practice but it's better and faster. :)
  5. Where exactly is the option to uncheck the combined pedals? The wheel I'm using is a Trust GM-3400 if that helps. :)
  6. Hmm i don't know with that wheel and if it's possible. Maybe somebody else have the answer. :)
  7. Right, looked at the control panel settings for it, seems it treats the pedals like the y-axis on a joystick, i.e. you can have either acceleration or brakes but not both. Guessing it's something I'll just have to live with, not being able to blip the throttle.

    I just did some testing around Laguna Seca in a Corvette and a DBR9, and I have to say that the DBR9 didn't tend to spin as much (Irritatingly, as I far prefer the Corvette :tongue: ). Could this be something to do with the settings of each car? Something I could tweak to stop the car from trying to go round corners sideways? :)
  8. Try alot of brake Bias to the front and high coast maybe that helps. :)
  9. That did it perfectly, thanks a lot. Now I can do Laguna Seca in the '06 Corvette in 1:24:XX, which is way better than usual. :)
  10. Glad that helped. :)