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New WC Team Looking for Drivers

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Thomas Mundy, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. This year E-Motion GP will be appearing in brilliant yellow and black colours competing in FSR's premier series. If anyone is interested in driving for this new team then please send me a private message here on RaceDepartment. If you could also include on it a history of your simracing achievements that would be helpful in helping us to make a decision.
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  2. Dont you mean
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  3. Missed a marketing opportunity there Rob. Thanks :) I ran this team about 8 years ago in IndyCar and ChampCar league but it appears there was already an E-Motion Racing in FSR also in more recent times so name might change the last bit to GP or Motorsport for GPCOS reasons.

    Update: E-Motion GP has signed its first driver for WC. Still looking for a second driver.
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  4. I hear @Ron Squire or @stop are free ;)
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  5. LOL, but seriously i dont have the funds, so i am pretty much out
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