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WIP New Track for RBR RX_plugin W.I.P

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Justup, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Hi!

    New Sprint-Track for RBR Work In Progres.
    Location: Finland, Pälkäne
    Surface: Dry Gravel. Track is 5,4km long.
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  2. How much fps on it? Pictures looks good and promises
  3. Looks really good, nice work :) ... how long is the stage?
  4. Thanks!
    Fps was 60. The sprint track is short. Track lenght is about 5km.
  5. Just a tip: If you launch RBR in windowed mode, you will know how many fps you really have. When playing fullscreen, you will always read max. 60 fps.
  6. Would be fine see videos from ss
  7. Maybe next weekend... I hope.
    The track is still W.I.P. . The junction is under construction. Maybe I make short vid clips. And I must retry fps.
  8. Okay!
    Here is the video. The track is still W.I.P. ;)
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  9. Tracks looks good, how many FPS on it in RBR window mode?
  10. Thanks!
    I drove the road again and checked the fps.
    FPS was about 51-60.(AMD Phenom II x2 555,HD4770). Is it OK? And why. Please explain me. Sorry.
  11. I see that you used more objects around track, and in long distance too. For good look track is important have good rating of fps. If not, others RBR fans can't ride on... As result may, sad, but track is only for himself... That's important good rating of FPS - for long life of yours creation, and may in future have convertation in original RBR file format... I see not one good looking track, but with low FPS and after one test I never try it again...
  12. There are few pictures.



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  13. Here is short videoclip...Distance from the start to the finish is 5,4km.

  14. nice look, only seen problem in roadsides, I think you must change texture size or mesh corner make more "sorft" and all was ok...
  15. Myttaala sprint. 04112012
    Richard Burns Rally RX-plugins -track.
    Track type is Tarmac/Gravel and it is 5,3km long.
    The track is located in Pälkäne in Finland.
    The track is made by Justup and tested by Leka (2:14:19)
    You can search Myttäälä sprint on youtube.