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New to racing in sims and games...

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Christopher Junkins, May 19, 2011.

  1. Well, new in that I've never had a wheel and had the motivation to REALLY race. I've played some games that are wildly fantasy (in that they don't simulate physics at all, I.E. Need for Speed: World) and can do quite good for myself. But when I step into the world of Newtonian-Real physics and the simulators/games that use these ideas... I'm hopelessly lost.

    I have a few ideas right:

    1) If you go too fast for a corner, you will 99.9% of the time spin out or go off... mostly likely you'll go off.

    2) "Kiss the apex" I.E. Approach from the outside, then hit the apex (middle inside of the turn), then back to the outside.

    3) Race lines (best lines for cornering and straights)

    But at the moment, even with those few things, I'm just not able race due to my lack of knowledge. I feel like to take a turn I have to go sooooooo slow, like say 10mph or less... or else I always go off. I'll hit the apex, or jump it entirely, but still spin out onto the grass/gravel. I can't get the default lambo up to more than 3'rd gear on the default track (carolton or whatever)... I could whine on some more, but you get the idea I think... I'm a racing... (god I HATE the use of this word, in any situation, but here-goes) "newb"...

    Can someone help me out here? I'm sure there's something out there on the net, probably tons of it, but I couldn't find it via googleing.
  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

  3. I would say begin with Racer.nl, more specifically :


    Since there's an 'infinite' ways of achieving what you desire, you should really get at least a minimum understanding of car.ini. As we told before, most of the car.ini params can be tweaked or generated (Pacejka Tyre Curves SA SR & MZ) thru Racer SDK Tools (some sort) in the root folder.

    Also, you might need to set your profiler as desired, the profile1.ini & the ff_factors (new feature) in your car.ini. It's really up to you to decide whatever feedback gets finally output from Racer algorithms. Chances are that you'll have at the final stage, a 'unique' feeling thx to those variables.

    Just for now, a quick hint, open your Racer console & type "grip 2", that should double grip instantly. Also, the special.ini file from your track, have some sort of related settings, make sure your get the big idea with surface properties in the surface tree (surfaces {}).
  4. Carlswood is a pretty small track, and the Lamborghini is geared very very long... so you're gonna have to keep it in low gears. Other cars are more likely to hit top gear.
  5. I have no clue what "geared very very long" means, but I'm guessing from the rest of this that the lambo is meant for larger tracks... and that this small track means I'll rarely see 3rd or higher. lol.

    I'm no petrol-head, but I do LOVE cars lol. Anyone seen a REALY good bugatti veyron reproduction for racer? lol
  6. I redid a Bugatti Veyron that works quite well in Racer and can be downloaded from tracciontesaras webpages. I can't remember the link but you should be able to find it there.
  7. Well one thing I wonder is are you turning too much for a corner i.e. turning the wheel to full lock, when its not at all necessary.

    What I would do if i were you, is learn the track, and car. start with slow laps, and gradually increase your speed on each lap. Another idea is to get a car other than the Lamborghini, and race that around the track, maybe something that isn't so biased to top speed, and is more about acceleration, that would be better on a track like Carlswood.

    and by "geared very very long" he meant that it has longer gears then most cars, and really is designed for top speed.
  8. again, I restate myself to say that I don't know what long vs short gear means lol. I don't know anything about the inner workings of the car. Just some of the brands/models, and some basic ideas of controlling a car at USA street speeds (slow) and a few for racing speeds (high)...

    And what car(s) would be best for what you're talking about Harey, specificly? I don't know much, as I've previously stated, about the inner workings of cars. Though I can tell you what a Bugatti Veyron is and who made it (VW), and that it is the worlds fastest production car as far as I know, or that the Porche 911 series can be traced back to the VW Beatle (it was designed by the same guy who designed(/es) the current Porche line. (again, as far as I know anyways).... but that's my extent of knowledge outside of the few control related things I've showed in previous posts around here somewhere.
  9. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I'm sending you a car in a PM. I ask that you don't share it since as far as I know, the guy who made it hasn't publically released it :)
  10. Downloaded to the vaults, and will try it out. Promptly returning to the net and sharing with everyone I know! Just joking of course.