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New to game :) Is there a recent GT3 endurance mod

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by LeftTurnAddict, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Hey guys :)
    I am new to the game only just brought it :) And am loving it.. I already have a heap of extra content but i am missing something :(
    I need a decent Blancpain GT3 endurance mod :)
    I did find one post in this sites forums for a blancpain mod and it looked spectacular but all the links are removed and no 1 can comment in that post :(
    Is there any others available ??
    Thanx :)
  2. Same here

    Help us out Please!
  3. Go to xtremefactor dot es website and click on Downloads then go to the GSC 2013 link and then Mods and it's on the 2nd page.
  4. I just went and gave that a shot but that link is also dead :(
    I tried with chrome and edge :( So its down for sure... Maybe there is a reason all the links have been brought down.. I really want this mod but :(
  5. Queequeg

    Premium Member

  6. I have already got that one lol :)
    I like it.. The FFB is a little light and all over the place on some tracks but i have not spent a lot of time with it yet..
    But i really want a up to date blancpain mod so i can race the MP4 lol
  7. On Xtremefactor all links are alive. I can guarantee you. ;) What happens is that sometimes the private server fails. All you have to do is insist. Just I try downloading and it works smoothly. :thumbsup:
  8. hmmm .. ok :)
    I will keep trying that link...
    Hopefully it will work for me eventually lolz
  9. Links are dead for me to
  10. @gilles13 I do not know what can happen, but the links are all available. These links are uploaded on a private server and if they do not delete, be there for life. Try delete coockies or something. You have to click on red download buttom. Then wait 5 seconds an click on "Skip Add" (on top right on the page opened), before that download starts. I hope you can download, because I assure you they are all alive. ;)

    Sorry for my bad english. :(:D
  11. They all have terrible physics. Maybe something good will come along soon
  12. If part of the community weren't made of trolls a mega GT3 mod would be released in a few months, but now it's gone.

    That said I'm not sure you can point external mods here in RD (I mean the ones that aren't hosted in this forum) as they usually use models from other games.
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  13. Enduracers has bad physics? Or Le Mans 2014 mod? I think you are wrong. ;)
  14. No enduracer's content is good im speaking of gt3 mods currently publicly out. All of the ones posted on racedepartment (blancpain 2012 and fia gt3).
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  15. I did get the download link to work but it stopped after a while so :"(
    But anyways i will try again :)
    May i ask why the one on this site was pulled down from the downloads.. All the info is there and there is a section in the forum for the mod but no download links anywhere :(
  16. to bring it up because again someone is asking for gt3...

    our gt3 mod was already beta released for our online drivers for testings to find the errors and fix them... but someone thought it would be great to grab and share it to some idiots... so instead of a soon public release the work for a offline version was cancelled... i told it before but always there people who think they know it better...



    maybe the racing community will learn something from it...
  17. ouvert

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    GT masters is little bit better on physics but mostly poor anoying sounds (you can change that by yourself)
  18. Really? Just because someone leaked out your work and you are going to cancelled it? Despite majority of GSCE owners did not steal your work and most likely still be looking for a properly made GT3 mod for GSCE.

    I sincerely hope that you will reconsider your decision as GT3 is probably the most asked mod for GSCE. This thread is probably one of the countless threads asking for one.

    Please, for the love of god, ignore those children from Pretend Journalism site. Their only sole purpose of existence is to cause trouble in the sim racing community. First they go around to spread false sensationalised information with iRacing. Then, followed by pCARSand Codemasters. Now, they are spreading false information about AC's AI. Eventually, they will take a crap on GSCE, R3E or any game that they like because there is nothing to spread false information on pCARS, iracing or AC. There is no reason to negotiate with them cause they are probably one of the most sour people on the internet and they like to stir controversies. The pCARS and AC community got so tired of these people by now due to the amount of misinformation they spread.
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  19. this guy just told about the leak ;) other ones stole it... this decision i dont made just because of that, its also because how they started to talk about our site, the mod and the people... maybe a lot will call this a stupid behavior, its ok and i can live with it... i think maybe the community will learn from it... because such things are the reason why there are more and more closed sites where you have to pay to get access, why you have to pay for mods (even with ripped content) or modders stop sharing stuff for public and just mod for their own... these people from ovg dont have any respect, even the pay mod from urd (whats still on beta too) got shared there...

    maybe i will change my mind in the future, for now i dont care about a public release and just work on the mod to get it online ready without the extras for offline racing...