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New Rule : Restart race.

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Tom Ilsbroux, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. I have some questions about the restart.

    It says "the server settings will be identical to the original ones" would that mean also the weather ?
    Ifso the weather will restart from the beginning and not continue, unless the weather fill is edited.
    Can you pls explain abit more about this ?

    Also as Mikko askes in the other topic, what about the gaps ?

    One last remark what if the disco's happen in the middle of a pitting periode ?
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    In real life the gaps between drivers are gone during a red flag or safety car situation. Would be logical if STC did the same as otherwise it would be really tough to restart with the original gaps :)
  3. Yeah but in real live you don't get a new car with totaly different setup either :) , this isn't a race that continues but a new one.

    And now we are on it, what about guys lapped ? how are you going to manage that ? Will they get all the laps back ? They will be very happy and it is very unfair tbh.
  4. I haven't seen any disconnects in real life either so we can't really use that "real life" excuse here. The closest thing to a disco in real life is a DNF (either mechanical or crash) and you can't restart if you're out of the race in real life.
  5. If I am not wrong, in real life, if a race is red flagged then all the lapped cars can't restart the race. (I might be complitly wrong but I belive I heard it somewhere)
  6. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    If we take the example of the Monaco F1 race - many cars were lapped and after the red flag, everylined up on the grid in the order they started like the first half of the race was qualifying and it was from lap one onwards - and they could change anything on the car... maybe that's what STC mean?
  7. In understand they lined up. But in real life you don't get all your laps back, what would happen if you do a restart in the game.
    And not just changing everything on the car, you get a brand new one :).
  8. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Its veryy difficult to work out compared to a normal F1 style restart - which is the simplest method to go by IMO.
  9. Agree Ross , thats why I wouldn't do it. Isn't realistic. Unless there is a way to go around this, but i have no clue how.
  10. Whenever we are on rF2 race will be neutralized and anything will change from the start of the race, we will re adapt everything to what rF2 brings as new features. At the moment we have to adapt ourselves to Race07 series and to the possibilityes it has.

    I wil lanswer tomorrow about gaps and lapped cars as I have not many time now, but please try to undesrtand we are limited using the current sim, and we have to do what possible to keep it working the fairest way.
  11. Agree David. Thats why i would bother restarting the race. Don't see the point really. Just red flag and stop the race. Least amount of work for you guys. I feel you try to do something to have more realism but you achieve the opposite as the game can't do it.
  12. Yes Tom, but stop a race with 20 minutes gone only is... well you know what it is. Preparation for the race,as from drivers as from staff is big, and we need to reach at least 75% of it. If people knows what to do in the case it happens everyyhing can be fast and in order, so race could be re launched in question of minutes.
  13. Well with only 20min gone i would consider starting the race from scratch with everyone in original positions. But restarting after half distance with new cars, gaps and lapped laps gone, i find personally to unrealistic.

    pls don't take this the wrong way, i don't want trying to force you into anything. just giving my 2 cents :) .

    But can you answer my questions about the weather, as that was why i started this in the first place :) :) .
    Will the weather be the exactly same as in the first race ? Then i think you need to write protect the weather file and stop NAW.
  14. Well Xosé can answer you better about weather than me. About your ideas or thoughts I appreciate you all drop them here in a positive way, honestly.

    As said before, I think we really need to work like this till we move to rF2 where people can rejoin easily, and even deply the Safety Car while the others rejoin.
  15. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    No Tom, in that special case I would "force next day" until the same prediction with similar temperature comes and use that one, so weather is still new for everybody and not a "replay" of the weather in the original race.

    So we will try to keep the maximum realism possible on weather.
  16. as for lapped cars, these could be handled by staff keeping a note who was a lap or two down with regards to whom at the time of the red-flag and players would be "handed back" this disadvantage after the race has finished. In most cases, if you are a lap down after, say, 30 mins you will most likely be another lap or two down after the second race, so no harm done. Someone who was a lap down due to some misfortune will then have the cahnce to unlap himself from the slower guys in the new race by lapping them.
    For the start of the new race, putting all lapped guys at the back seems to be the most reasonable thing to do.
    we have disabled black flag after third blue flag warning anyway, so nobody can be accidentally disqualified due to a lapping / unlapping move at any time in the race.
  17. I have thought about this, but you get some weird stuff going on. Guys a lap down fighting for position, but they are actually not. Lets say you have a lapped car behind you that wants to unlap itself, normally you wouldn't bother to much, but in this case he is for the game fighting for position. Doubt anyone would lett a "lapped" car pass this way. (I wouldn't :) ). And say if he passed you at the start of the second race and you want to take your place back, he should let you pass him, but he doesn't get any blue flags. Thats is if everyone knows who the lapped cars are. Don't know feels weird.
    And put yourself in place of the guys that looses a place to a lapped car.
    Weird stuff this, how would you be able follow Eckart :) .

    Thx for the explenation Xosé.
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