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New Primaguida helmet - Fhase one: ideas

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Primaguida, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Primaguida


    Hello community :)

    Before make my virtual helmet (i will organize a little contest with a small prize), I have to think and find new ideas.
    You can help me in two ways:
    - show yours (i will try to not copy if i like very much ;) )
    - show your favouirite real helmet

    These are my thought;
    - colours symbolize my race concept
    - only one part alterable through years, subordinate to the team colour (you never now :cautious: :p ).
    - shapes and/or illustrations with meanings. I like two horses, a white and a black, running in the same direction; the Malaspina castle (it's my village symbol) and another Italy sign.
    - nickname "Primaguida", in cursive

    These are my favourite real helmets; the first one for emotional reasons (it's my favourite pilot), second and third becouse of the whole and the mirror effect.

    G. Villeneuve

    J. Alesi

    J. Trulli

    I will try to post this message in a general section of racedepartemen forum as well, if there are no problems.
    Thank you very much ;)