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New price model for NKP and new screenshots

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Bram, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

  2. Just curious but does this mean 14,95€ to upgrade to 1.3, or is this only for new buyers?
  3. yes. v.1.3 is free of charge for the user that are already holding a licence.
    new users can get a new licence with a discount (~25%).
  4. thanks Andrea to clarify this !!

    hey guys, say something here to our beloved sim developer :D

    :thanks: KUNOS, you're the greatest !!

  5. KUNOS dont throw away money! your product is a real bargain at the old price!

    anyone who still hasn't given this a try is really missing out... there is no excuse now to not get this simulator. If you enjoy open wheel sims this my friends is THE BEST!
  6. Agree on everything!
  7. I think the netkar Pro site needs a "donate" button, because personally I find the idea that I get two new cars, a long winding "drive up a mountain" hillclimb course, AND rain all for free just too generous.

    I would gladly pay another 20 Euros for this update, I would have paid 20 for the Formula KS2 alone.

    When I sit back and think that iRacing charge me for every new car and track they release, and I generally happily pay it, it seems crazy to me that I only paid 20 Euros for nKPro in 2006 and have had hours and hours of great times driving since. I paid more than twice that for GT5, I pay nearly that much PER MONTH for iRacing.

    It helps that I am not low on money to spend on my hobby, but when it comes down to it nKPro is the best sim out there for the sheer driving experience and over the years has also proved to be the cheapest.

    The enormous efforts of the very small, dedicated team for this outstanding simulator deserve more, in my opinion.

    So, Stefano, get a donate button up so that I can send you some money to show my appreciation. For five years I've enjoyed relieving my stress and escaping the real world with this great sim, if you're going to make it better and better then I don't feel my karma can take it if I don't give something in return.

  8. Good post Jon, and i'm sure there is a way of you donating towards Stefano. Maybe Alessandro can help there.

    Regarding your post and comparison to iRacing, i 100% agree. The thing that's gets me iRacing more than anything is the tracks and the GT and Proto cars. If/when NetKar has these type of cars then i think i would end my iRacing subscription in a blink of an eye. As much as i love iRacing ( which is alot ) i get a better road feel and more realisim from NetKar but as said it lacks a V8 Ford Supercar for one, which is enough to keep me iRacing itself and also lacks quality tracks with only a handfull of original and modded tracks that have some quality to them. The rest are recylced rFactor tracks that are very poor and does not do the sim any favours.
  9. hey i own NetKar and love it but as you said the add-on tracks are mostly old recycled crap with a few exceptions (like Mugello), so i am thinking about going into iRacing mostly because of the laser scanned tracks.

    My issue is that i enjoy more doing offline laps by myself because sadly i am not fast enough to be competitive online.. so my question is: do you feel that netkar offers a better driving experience than iRacing? i am mostly interested in medium to high power single seaters....
  10. yeah i agree with ross if only netkar pro has bunch of cars available, including a touring and GT car, and even a low powered saloon car (other than the abarth), plus laser scanned tracks it will most probably put iracing to trouble.
  11. adriecoot, I love iRacing, but honestly I hardly ever drive it since I rediscovered netKar PRO. Now the driving experience seems crap. Anyway, the service itself is unbeatable and the tracks are fantastic.
    nKP is the better driving simulator.
  12. I've just bought the license and I was shocked after reading about the new update. Good that I don't have to pay anything (although I would have saved 5 euros if I waited :p)
  13. Sadly laser scanned tracks and licences for multiple vehicles requires lots of money to achieve. KS is a small outfit, so I continue to be thankful that they manage what they do, but at the same time I feel I don't deserve this much for so little.

    The detail in the cars is so sublime, I still feel like I am learning after all these years, and every trip in the KS2 helps me learn more and more about it.
  14. Don't get me wrong! I don't mind paying "Kunos" 15 bucks, just thought it was unclear in the text whether we had to or not

    I've never been on iRacing but it seems like a lot of those who are members are saying Netkar is better.

    I agree, I think Netkar has incredible car feel, I can't find anywhere else that I know. I guess iRacing is mostly to pay for the use of servers and their complex ranking service, when you see the price of a dedicated server for gaming it ain't cheap. A lot of the servers for Netakr have high ping and are laggy, at least for me. Don't know if the ping on iRacing is better but I would assume so.

    I bought all the content in FVA as everyone was saying this helps Kunos, even though I can't imagine this money goes direct to Kunos? but maybe I'm wrong...
    I didn't like the policy of charging people 25 for all three tracks and 30 for us who have been faithful from the start. Its not about the money! its a matter of principal. I got an e-mail from FVA more or less saying, hey tell us why you didn't buy NurburgRing, I didn't like that! but bought it anyway though! Ok my rant is over now!

    Anyway GREAT WORK KUNOS!!!!! BIG UP!!!
  15. I got an email from FVA saying "Why you no buy Nurburgring, ey?" and I considered this odd as I had bought it only a few days before.

    Alas, I suspect the FVA money goes right into the cash strapped and desperately in need company known as Ferrari Spa.
  16. i think for existing licensed users, they do not have to pay the 15euro to get the updates, but for new users they get the package plus the 'discount'.

    @paul, about that FVA email, it was ridiculous. lol
  17. Uff


    This sometimes happens when there were problems with the purchase and usually it appears on FVA servers and not on Ferrari's. ;-)
  18. In your situation and as you favour open wheelers then NetKar is your number one choice, especially considering you enjoy hotlapping. Iracing can be very lonely like that and is geared towards online racing, and at that it is unbeatable, it's netcode is first class and the racing at times is just different class. But when i compare iRacing open wheelers to NetKars then Netkar is better.

    iRacings netcode as said above is just amazing and is what makes it shine IMO. Regarding feel, when ii compare say the skippy with the F1800 i feel so much more connected with the F1800 than i do with the skippy. It's brilliant having the laser scanned tracks and being able to feel the bumps but after a while the excitment wears off and you just don't get the feeling of grip on tarmac like you get with NetKar. The thing i love about NetKar is the grip build up and how you feel that through the wheel the more laps you do, which i just don't get on iRacing, the tyre model is just not good enough yet.

    I also really enjoy feeling the weight of the car drop in race spec as you loose fuel lap after lap.

    For me the best NetKar car is the F1800, not really a fan of the KS2 due to all the aero and how easy it is to drive on the limit but when compared to the Williams in iRacing, again for me the KS2 trounces in terms of feel.

    I'm not saying we should have laser scanned tracks in NetKar but i would like some more quality control on the tracks that are released as the majority of these rFactor rehashes just are not good enough. And the standard tracks in NetKar are fantastic and tbh i feel quite a bit of bumps in them so laser scanning is not vital.
  19. i hope KS will work next on the net code, but i guess they had already improved the netcode by 1.2? am i right, or i'm missing something here.
  20. All of you who want to pay more for NetKar Pro, you have an easy way: just buy more licenses.
    I prefer low prices. I bought NKP because it was cheap enough. Otherwise LFS would have been my only option.
    If price keeps low I will recommend my friends buying NKP.